London Life
2020-10-05 00:50:05 (UTC)

Working on the farm

I set the alarm for 08:50 as a kind of last resort, but I slept until then. As rain was forecast again, I was considering going to Surrey Docks by Metropolitan Line and Overground, now I've got my pass, but I was uncertain about which trains were running and I decided to cycle, as I've now got good waterproofs and it was only drizzling, but it meant I hadn't spent time considering my route.

When I got to Farringdon, I decided to head for Blackfriars Bridge then make my way East, but I went wrong and somehow ended up on the Old Kent Road, too far South. In trying to correct my error, I went West instead of North-East, partly because it was too much of a nuisance checking City-Mapper in the rain. So I did a 17km journey instead of a 9lm one and arrived at the farm about 20 minutes late, even though I'd left home with time to spare.

We were clearing an area of green growth, because it was "too nutritious" for the animals. I talked to Anna and then Jo, also Alex, and met a really sweet and pretty girl, Emily I think her name is, although I didn't ask in case we'd actually met before. She's joined a cycling club and they went to Windsor recently. I could do something like that with Jack. We went down to the docklands and just caught the mobile cafe before it shut. They offered us free snacks they had left over.

I was careful with my route home - a really good cycle path through the old docks and along the river path, and made flawless decisions on my route through the City. Went to the greengrocers, heard some of the Amazing Chart, worked on some more of my own pictures, and had a leisurely look at recent radio charts.

In the news, an SNP MP caught a train to Scotland despite having tested positive for Covid. In Belgium, they've formed a Government - a coalition of seven parties - more than 500 days since the election. In the USA, in a leaders debate the president and his rival continually interrupted and insulted each other. Their president has got the virus after refusing to wear a mask or distance at meetings, despite being over 70 and clinically obese.