London Life
2020-10-05 00:14:40 (UTC)

The Lakes

Saturday 3rd October
We called in on my friend's mum to give her the breakfast stuff back, and she gave us long and complicated instructions about how to walk round the lakes. We'd left our bikes in the shed because we knew there might be difficult wood terrain. Jack managed to follow some of her instructions and by using his App we managed to get round all the lakes, which weren't particularly attractive, but the wood walking was nice and I managed to avoid getting wet feet.

We found the lakeside cafe and were within two minutes of the 11:45 cut-off time for breakfast. The vegan version was only £5 but was very dry - just sausages, hash browns and toast. On the way back we skirted the nearby village and the posh school, and when we arrived back at the church and farm where we were staying, we walked round the back of the garden and along a public footpath, but later went the wrong way and after negotiating a difficult valley, we were stranded until a man told us where the footpath continued (between two houses).

As there was no footpath across a large brown field, we had to make our way round the main road and up to the farm the way we'd come the first night. After another chat to my friend's mum, we picked up our bikes and this time took them down the hill by a footpath, which was easily the most direct way towards the station, and avoided the main 'A' road.

The school Games field was in use, but the girls using it today were too young to be sexy. At the station, I was about to buy train tickets when Jack informed me he'd bought returns on Tuesday. So I turned everything out of my bags looking for them, until Jack realised he'd got them himself.

On the train to London, two girls in tight glittery dresses got on, one of the dresses really short with high heels. I realised how much I was missing trying to look good for work, nightclubs and gigs, since the pandemic. It's sort of nice just grabbing the first top and skirt I can find when getting up, but I miss having a reason to make an effort. My smart blouses, skirts and shoes are sitting neglected in the wardrobe.

The train from East Croydon crawled along, but Jack got his bike into the repair shop before they shut, and went straight to his mum's house. I went home and caught up with my Top 100 data - Arlo Parks came out on top and Royal Blood moved 86-3. Jack kept phoning to see if a present from his sister had arrived. He thought it might have gone to the neighbours but I checked and they hadn' t got it. I also worked on some of my own "super-heroine" pictures, adjusting the colour and clarity to suit each still, and despite being worn out from my holiday, I didn't go to bed until 01:00.