Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-10-04 12:19:39 (UTC)


Yesterday was my stepmother’s birthday and I recently this year got back in touch with her after 10 years of not speaking to her because I missed her and I felt alone. I had stopped speaking to her because she had opened several credit cards in my name and at the time when she told me she opened the accounts it brought back memories of her borrowing money from me every payday when I was a teenager working at my first official job at Wendy’s and never paying me the money back. When I reached out to her she was so excited to hear from me and was telling me how sorry she was for opening the accounts and that she paid them all off, she was also expressing how much she loved and missed me and is extremely happy we’re back speaking. I’m glad we’re back speaking too because I did miss her so much. She lives 60 miles from me so I haven’t been able to go visit her because of the seizures I had and can’t drive right now. I was going to have my son drive me to see her Saturday but it was my cousins birthday too and I wasn’t going to miss her celebration. I did however send her a birthday card and I wished her happy birthday. Throughout the day she texted me pictures of friends and family celebrating with her while I was celebrating my cousin birthday. I’m hoping one day if my son is not to busy and I’m not working can drive me to see her and give her a big hug.