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2020-10-03 17:48:18 (UTC)

Cousin Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was an extremely special day it was my cousin Bizella’s 79th birthday. Normally on her birthday the family meet up at a restaurant to celebrate but due to COVID that was not an option this year. However her daughter my cousin Drenita still did something special and awesome for her. She had us all meet up at the Beauty Salon where my cousin gets her hair done and we did a Birthday Drive By for her when she came out of the salon. This was so lovely and awesome and had her so excited and all of us was in tears because it was truly special. I love this lady so much, she and her daughter has always been there for me and it really meant so much to me being there to celebrate my wonderful cousins special day. After the event I went to their home where her son cooked a birthday dinner especially for her and it was delicious. I was so excited being there with them enjoying her special day. Although it was her birthday it was special to me too because I was able to get out the house and spend time with family. I love this lady so much because she is a beautiful, kindhearted and loving person and even though it was her special day she was still asking how I was doing and feeling. I love you Bizella!