2020-10-04 11:47:21 (UTC)


I gave up before even trying, did i do the right thing or not. I always end up regretting every decision which i took. Will i regret this one too? I don't even know what should i do. I might be afraid of result because i never got selected in any one till now. I wasn't even prepared well, it might made my attempt wasted.
I really wish to change myself but I'm unable to do so. I don't have any courage to face anyone. I really don't want to explain anything to anybody. Sometimes i think if i can make myself lock in one corner where nobody can reach me i don't want to connect to the people around me.
I really wish if i had a chance to ask for one wish, i want to restart my life, to change the past me, to change everything which i am regretting now. I know this is my only wishful thinking, and seems too childish also but I really don't like the present me i want to change so many things about me but i can't.
I don't even have any strength, i only have to many weaknesses. I have so many weaknesses i don't even know. They always make me scared of everything.
I wish i won't always end up regretting my choices, it feels so miserable. I find myself too pathetic who can't even do a single thing properly, what will i do in future.
I'm always lost in another world which don't even exist but i want to be the part of that world.

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