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2020-10-03 12:12:05 (UTC)

Interesting chat with Heidi last night 🤔

Interesting conversation last night. Had sushi last night with Heidi along with a few bottles of saki. I didn't drive so I took advantage of it. Dinner was nice. Good to speak to a human in person again. We actually discussed my weird concept of "baskets of life". She doesn't know about my concept but she was discussing baskets. This one was specifically our meetup friends basket. Some of use have known each other for years now. Some as long as maybe 11-12 years maybe? Anyway, she said that we are lucky and we have a unique group of people in the hundreds in our group that have some commonality. We are all divorced/seperated single parents and we can relate to our challenges in life. That's what makes us unique and close.

It's not like a chihuahua meetup group that meets at the park to walk and chat. Our situation is more personal and deeper of course and she said that this unique situation made all of us bond and closer than just a bunch of friends hanging out together. Funny but she may be right. We don't just meetup in some big room in a circle of chairs and discuss our problems. Nope. We've for many years gone to so many fun places. Hiking, camping, fishing, river floats, kayaking, white water rapids, tandem sky diving, rented cabins in Tahoe, wine tasting bus tours, etc, etc. Sometimes with just the adults and sometimes with our kiddos (when they were with me from time to time). So yes, I agreed that we do.

Made me think of my dart friends. I've known some of them even longer. I just stopped playing dart leagues 2 years ago so I'm out of the loop now and with my hand being a little mucked up, my dart rating dropped so I stopped playing due to frustration of not being one of the badass boys anymore. Those dart leagues were fun. We'd go to Vegas and play people from around the world and we'd take some championship trophies in our division. Glory days :) Also, my dart playing friends from Hawaii would go there once a year too so it was a fun reunion for me too catching up with them. Now? I don't play anymore. I will see after a few months how my left hand feels throwing darts again. If it's better, I'll get back into it again. But I recall that just like that, when I stopped playing darts I also sort of said goodbye to my dart friends. We're talking about 500 people that I've gotten to know over the years. Yeah, that's how big darts were to me. Now, we're just facebook friends and only maybe stay in touch with 3 or 4 of them from time to time to go to dinner and bbqs at each other's houses.

Still, even though I sort of fell off on the "dart basket of friends" in the past few years, I created a new basket with my gym peeps. Our competition now is to see who survives the class. lol, kidding. But that was something from not knowing anyone to having again hundreds of gym peep friends. There is a core of them that I hang out with and keep in touch but hopefully by Nov, I will get the green light from my Dr to hit the gym again. I miss them and I miss the high I get from working out. That high is what kept me sane and happy throughout all the craziness that I went through. I can't believe I'm still in good spirits even though I'm not working out yet. Again, I've said this before that a lot of depressed people do not work out. If they just do that, they'd feel so much better. Your feelings and your body chemistry are so intertwined, it's amazing what I learned since my first day at the gym.

Finally, the landlord came by to put fresh bark our front. He asked me how my Dr appt went and if I can go fishing with him this Oct. I on my kayak and he on his little inflatable with a trolling motor. Told him the bad news that I"m not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs yet. My kayak is about 120 lbs fully loaded so I can't. I"m sure my constant casting and retrieving would not be something my shoulder would be ready to do right now anyway. My rod and reel is under 10 lbs but when I fish, I fish all day and probably end up casting and retrieving hundreds of times so yeah, not gonna hurt myself just yet. And if I hook up with a striper? Oh man!!That's be great and the fight with those things would be super fun which again means a little too much stress on my arms. Hopefully by Dec, I'll be given the green light and it'd be a perfect time too because that's sturgeon season and those dinos if I'm lucky enough to hook up will be dragging me and my kayak around for a bit before I can reel it in.

Not sure if I have time but my check came it and need to deposit it. Also a little $30 dollar check came in for my auto insurance. They're giving us money back every once in awhile because they know we aren't driving our vehicles so much. I didn't ask for it but hey, I"m not complaining. Give me a check? As long as it's not from a Prince in Nigeria, I will cash it.

pics from last night's dinner. Yup, more bad carbs.

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