Rob Floyd
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2020-10-03 09:14:15 (UTC)

Got up this morning, made my ..

Got up this morning, made my coffee and had some fruit. Played a round of Lumosity to wake the brain up. I was drinking at Kenny and his moms place last night. We played some Cards Against Humanity. Fun game, we laughed our asses off. Gonna fill up with some oatmeal cuz its gonna be a long day of driving then drinking after that. Gonna drive some UberEats around 11am, take a break, then back on at 5-9, prime time spots. Gotta make $100 today.
1. Eat a good breakfast
2. Feed the dogs
3. We drive at 11!

Things I am grateful for: Our daughter will be home to visit from college today. Love when she comes home for a visit.
2. My car is still runnin very good. Dont jinx it!
3. I am grateful for the great time the wife and I had at Kenny and his mom's house last night.