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2020-10-02 19:34:19 (UTC)

Heidi wants sushi 😛

So, Heidi is still celebrating her birthday apparently. Her friend was going to take her out for sushi but she couldn't make it. So... I'm choice number 2. lol. Her dude don't like sushi so whenever she craves that, she asks her friends or me to go instead. So I'm like that designated driver (BTW, never ever choose me to ever do that) but instead of driving, I'm her designated sushi dinner partner. lol. I just came back from Costco too and bought groceries and you know when you come back from Costco, you shopped for the zombie apocalypse. Everything there is in bulk.

Anyway, no time to change so I'm dressed in my wife beaters and gym shorts. haha. Not really but close enough. I did have enough time to set up my flowers though. Just glad to be out and about again 😊