Experienced Life
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2020-10-02 14:36:28 (UTC)

On my way 😊

Woke up feeling pretty good considering having major surgery not too long ago. Best I've felt since surgery. No more neck brace. No meds. Not even Tylenol.. Somehow by some miracle, I managed to stay at 160 lbs. It's 50-50 on my diet. Sometimes I eat great and sometimes I just eat whatever I want. Maybe I came up with some accidental keto 2 diet plan? haha. Not really. All just lucky I guess.

So with that, I"m going to go out to run some errands. To be honest, it's more like getting out of the house and not be cooped up is the primary reason I'm going out. I'm thankful that my "Friends basket" was sufficiently filled before covid because making new friends is a little harder at the moment. So yes, grateful that I have them. Even the cutie that forgot my food is calling me more now just to chat. Women I tell you... so hard to figure out sometimes. I give attention and they don't care. I leave them alone then they call me. haha. I've been reading and I know why. That's the way of the world but I won't get into that.

Today, it's just for me to get out of the house and just enjoy myself. Tomorrow, my friends have a river float event at the American river. I can't go. Can't risk infection on my incision and I need to minimize the scar by not letting the sun get on it. Anyway, my body is itching to do something so I'm headed out to enjoy the day. My body feels like it's bursting to get back into crossfit. I can feel the energy building in me again and the need to release all this energy.

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