Rob Floyd
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2020-10-02 14:13:41 (UTC)


Went to lunch around 1300. Stopped by the bowling alley on Keesler AFB and picked up a salad. I wanted to sit at the Marina since the weather is so nice. I drove there and proceeded to dress my salad. Took a pic of the beach and posted it on Facebook. Listened to WFAN, Joe Begningo was on, ranting about the Jets. Near the end of my break, a guy pulls up in a truck. He has a little girl with him, who has beautiful blonde curls. He asks if he can use the other side of the picnic table for his fishing supplies. I really didnt like it, because there was another bench there, and social distancing and all. But I told him no problem. He was using a rubber bait with a spinning tail. I made some conversation with him, asking if he ever had any luck on this side of the Marina. He said he hadnt really tried it, he usually goes to the same side that I do. We talked about shrimp and squid. I told him I preferred squid because it stays on the hook longer. I finished my salad, wished him good luck, and headed on back to the Vandy eating my huge Payday bar. Put the baseball game on the TV downstairs. Slow day at Vandy