Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-10-01 11:45:21 (UTC)

Horrid Dreams

Had a pretty bad dream.. in my dream I think I was sleep walking? And we got a new dog. He saw me getting out of my room and so he tried playing with me, but since i was sleeping my brain reacted as if it was an attack. So I flipped the dog over and pushed my thumbs into his eyes. (Quite wild for self defense and sleep walking) then I wake up and see my thumbs in his sockets and i pull away and started crying. The dog got up and was blinded and my grandma soon saw it all and hated me. Saying I can’t move in as my grandpa tries to settle her down and explain to her how i was sleepwalking and I couldn’t control it. She wasn’t having any of it and wanted me to leave. She feared me, feared who I was.
That’s when I actually woke up at 3am... tbh I wasn’t sure if the dream was real or not. I know when I’m actually awake when I get dreams within dreams or sleeping in my dreams. But for some reason when i do get those dreams I’m confused whether or not they actually happened at first.
It didn’t take long for me to point out to myself that we never got a new dog and therefore I couldn’t have blinded it in “self defense whilst Sleepwalking”.

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