taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-10-02 02:32:28 (UTC)

richard wolff

one of my top 5 sources of info (from an anti-capitalist perspective) during this period of decline. been watching a lot of his media availabilities lately. pretty familiar with his go to examples. gotta say, capitalism is sowing the seeds of it's own destruction p hardcore these days. esp in the us, but all over as well - mass unemployment, nearly non-existent support for the working class, eviction wave, absolute failure handling the virus, absolute failure with the fires, exploding income gap, and on and on. too many this' and too many thats, in ways largely unseen in over a century perhaps? in all likelihood this the end of the american empire, but are we also witnessing the death of capitalism? are there simply too many simultaneously occuring crisis' even for that famed capitalistic resiliency to withstand? #ygatq

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