London Life
2020-10-01 21:25:18 (UTC)


As it was Jack''s birthday, I made him a huge vegan breakfast of three sausages, mushrooms, beans, toast and tofu scramble. We were moving on, so I put the key back through the door of the house, forgetting about the keypad box, and we set off to see a man, who advertises bike repair from his house. Jack's bike was making a horrible cranking sound last night, and we'd walked a lot of the way back from Horsham.

The man said something in the hub was broken, and he stopped the noise but didn't actually mend it. He wanted to charge only £5, but we gave him £10. We just missed a train, so had to wait a while, then we missed our connection because we didn't realise the 01 train to Portsmouth was actually the same train as the 04 to Bognor. (It split into two at Horsham).
So we decided to cycle to Christ's Hospital, past the lovely church in Horsham we'd seen two days ago, and through the same park. The map app didn't take us the quickest way though. We followed the texted instructions up to the church, and found the Cabin where we were staying, which was situated behind an old barn. The farm had been converted into a large garden and made a great Insta for Jack to post in the sunshine for his birthday, drinking his tea at the outside table.

We'd won the stay there in a pub quiz, organised by my friend who's mother owns this cabin. We originally booked two nights after Easter, which was cancelled of course. As we hadn't heard from her since the lockdown finished, we'd booked another place near Horsham instead, which is why we stayed there the previous two nights. We can see in the visitors book that the Cabin has been in use since June, so I don't know why she took so long to get back to us (last week!).

We were going to visit Arundel, so cycled to Christ Hospital station past the school, where they were doing Games, but there wasn't time to look at the girls. It was suggested when I was 11 that I apply for that school, but boarding school - especially miles from London - wouldn't have suited me at all.

We just caught the train to Arundel, and set off along the bike path towards the cathedral and castle which were imposing on the hillside. It's another very attractive Sussex town, with the main street, and housing from the 16th century, on a hillside. So we could look down at the pretty street with a hilly ridge view in the background.

We went into the park and saw the castle, which was just like something out of a historical drama. We followed a path into the woods, but it turned into a hilly track, difficult to push our bikes through. Jack climbed down to see if we could get down to the path and lake that we could see, but it looked impossible even without our bikes. So we had to go back. There was a great view down into the valley, which used to be the castle moat, which has now got a thin path running through it.

So we went back down the road and along a path to the other side of the lake, where I got a drink and we watched the swans and other birds. Then we walked and cycled round both lakes, before getting the train back to Horsham. The view of the closely-packed town with it's castle and cathedral on a hill, resembled a Spanish or French hill-top town.

In Horsham, we ate at a Thai place with a full vegan menu. I had buttersquash curry, but it included a whole buttersquash and it was a lot to get down.

The quickest way back to Christ's Hospital was to get the train to Billingshurst, then get the slow one back, so using today's return tickets from Littlehaven to Arundel, we actually got five individual trains, going between Christ's Hospital and Billingshurst four times.

Cycling back from Christ's Hospital to the Cabin, we got soaked in a brief downpour. For Jack's birthday, I put on one of my little plays, playing a shy girl who started accidentally showing her knickers/body, realised people liked it, and gradually got more brave and daring until she was having fun stripping off completely.