La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-10-01 17:48:12 (UTC)

Devine desire to love and be loved.

I wish I could let you see how I see, let you know what I know about love, I wish you could feel as I feel when you stare at a miracle in every thing arround you, maybe this thing that I have or I had to live with all my life that you don't, keeps you from it, but that's not fair to say because every one get's a chance to expirience sufering and look the other way, I on the other hand choose to see all these challanges as gifts, why? well I belive life has a special purpose for people with chronic illnesses, we are here with a larger purpose, such as endurance and kindness, we get to fill people with hope and think less of our own pain, not many understand this, but I feel so greatful everytime I get to see what my actions have brought forth, it took many many years of learning how to, of wondering for how long, and not being able to handle the pain, once I understood what the meaning of all that was for, I was able to see pass all of that, and began embracing the beauty in all my surroundings, I've been organizing some of my books and papers and in ever single one of them I find and old message that encourages me to keep on doing just that...writting! And I can not do it if is not mean to be written in inspiration, so I will keep on searching for the anwsers where life chooses to show me, and will try my heardest not to disapoint you, for I know the feeling of what you might be feeling, because if theirs something I learned no matter how bad you think your reality is for you, is still yours alone, but it doesn't mean you have to go trough it alone, empethize and learn to see trough others eyes, may you find all the healing your heart desires, all the kindness it was not shown to you up to today, and learn that we were all born with a devine desire to love and be loved.