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2020-10-01 12:51:52 (UTC)

What's the story? Jackanory...

They called him Jackanory
For the different tale each day
"Jack, what is the story? Tell us if you may."

The sight was quite extraordinary
As he stood there with no shoes
With caveman's hair, ragged clothes of many dirty hues.

His unkempt beard, his coughing rasp
The lost soul in his eyes
The years had passed, he lost his grasp
Reality plagiarized.

The asylum kept his secrets
That he bellowed through the walls
Of the onslaught of his arsehole
They breached at boarding school.

His tales equalled that of Nemo and Dory in the sea
The child never grew to know adult maturity
They listened to his lunacy and wished there was a shark
That came and chewed upon his tongue and took away his bark.

On and on moronically, he didn't take a breath
Like a terrier on an ankle that took a gram of meth
The patients in the straitjackets stood and walked away
Jeff looked upon in horror, knowing Jack would misbehave
"It's okay, Jack" he slapped his arse, "There's always Fannie Mae"
So off, Jack went to lay beneath Fannie's special treat
And peace restored within the dorms while Jack enjoyed crabmeat.