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2020-10-01 06:18:00 (UTC)

Youre the Best

Me, being me.
I get up at 4am
Pack him a big lunch the past 2 mornings and have his coffee ready.
I have dinner ready for when he gets here on a plate, on a warmer.
He smiled this morning again when I pulled his lunch out and drinks out of the freezer.
He said “you’re the best. I love you”
I said I know, don’t get used to it and chuckled.
This is who I am.

Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary.
He, did nothing.
I popped a card in his lunch with a poem I wrote.

Sad thing, he will be like all the others, and take it for granted.
He will, kick his own ass for it, unlike others.

I’m still not feeling well.
My daughter is off work and in isolation for COVID.
I said I don’t want her over here at all.
Her boo has it as well.
My other daughter who lives with them is probably positive as well, but she won’t get tested. She stopped taking her medications and stopped her therapy. She is the one that was in the hospital about to die from drug overdose just a few months ago, in March. She is an adult, there is sadly, nothing else I can do for her. Wish she would get her head on straight. Not sure what happened or what went wrong. I tried so many times to get her the help she needs.

DD3, if I was homeless my dear, I would call you and let you know. I don’t think grandma will let that happen.

Anyway, I’m going to take some meds for my headache. And rest for another hour before I have to get the kid up for school.