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me and my life
2020-10-01 09:18:58 (UTC)

Patience is the only way out

During lockdown i tried my hands on many things steering wheel which went fail, affiliate went fail still trying, jobs fail fail no response. expected calls from a company lets see if they call.
i so feel like messaging v because I and mom discuss a lot about him. we cherish the good time, laugh over funny time and feel sad about he is not in my life anymore. mom really liked him and still likes him for me but I don't think things can get better because no one is taking an effort to do so. Nothing is in my hands and he is least bothered. Time is bad but it took our test and we both failed big time, all the time spent together was vain, all caring, pampering, future plans everything is vain. all these years were vain. we just wasted our time big time. and i had major losses.
errggggg am going mad real mad. I'm not finding out way out all i see is failureeeeeeee.... sometimes i laugh on myself, sometime I wail on my condition, I pity on my situation ,I feel numb and sometimes i just dont care.
After everything gets better ill enjoy my life and will not think about life seriously.. for now moms health is stressing me a lot. ever since lock down has happened i have been looking after my family sis, mom, dad and i took very little time for self. god kaha hai tu help karna pls....sab sahi karde.
these days i day dream about korean actors like silly. that i get chance to work with ee min ho and Jung hae In and i love them so much and the korea will like me, ill represnet india internationally bla bla blaaaaaaaaa