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2020-09-30 23:48:41 (UTC)

Post Op Dr. appt 🤔

Met with my Dr today that performed the surgery on me 7 weeks ago. So here goes. I'm allowed to drive again, no more neck brace, and I'm allowed to do jump ropes. I'm not taking Norco anymore but I do take some tylenol once or twice a day. Still restricted to 10 lb weights so that pretty much means no gym yet. But I'll take this for now. Next meeting will be on Nov 4th.

Finally, no more neck brace!! Hell yeah! Like I said, that thing was so irritating and couldn't stand it anymore being on me... just like my ex wife. lol. Neck was itching so bad too and still does a little. Now, I'm stretching out my arms, shoulders, and neck but being careful to not push too hard so a rod, pin, screw, or bone don't pop outta me ⚙️. haha. It does feel so much better to be able to stretch again. I'll start my modified but daily stretching again. I need to prep as much as I can physically so when I go back to the gym, it won't feel so monumental to get back in shape.

Now that I'm allowed to drive, I feel so much more free and liberated. You know, the privileged American :). Now my range to play has increased exponentially. I again can go anywhere anytime. Some social life is back on the table baby!! Aaaaaah, loving the freedom again. I got al these places I'm dying to get out to see. And and and and... shopping!! lol

Going to start jump roping in the morning or evening depending on when I'm awake. I was just walking around the block all this time and it's ok but the heat with a neck brace sucks big time. And I have to say, I did look pathetic earlier walking with a cane, neck brace, and going slower than a turtle. I may try a combination walking and jump roping. I'm not sure if my neck can take the impact of jump roping yet. Dr gave the ok but he don't realize I used to do 2,000-4,000 jumps a day. I'll just need to watch myself and not do anything stupid.

Incision area is still tender. Otherwise, I think I'm good to go. Regarding that subject on being needy? Still reading that book and evaluating myself.
BTW, I'm gonna burn this. Not a figure of speech. I'm really going to burn this SOB.

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