Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-10-01 09:19:47 (UTC)

Warmed My Heart

Yesterday, I received a text message from one of the hew hires I was assisting, his name is Romeo. He message me to see how I was doing and stated he hope I was feeling better and praying for me. I immediately started crying because it felt so good getting his message it truly meant the world to me especially since I’ve been feeling so lonely lately. Him reaching out to me just truly warmed my heart. He also said he reached out to a lot of his teams members and they have so much love and appreciation for me. Unfortunately his training class ended and I have since moved on to another class that I’m assisting but him reaching out and telling me this has truly uplifted my spirits. I’m hoping we can meet up for lunch one day because I truly do miss him and the class. They all was a fun and exciting group to be around.