London Life
2020-09-30 22:49:59 (UTC)

Cycling in Sussex, and 23 Walks.

Meant to cycle the quick way to Horsham, but accidently went straight over the roundabout and found ourselves in the back streets again, and found an easy path through a different part of the wood. When it got to a dead end I was checking the map app, a couple helped and we found a quiet way through to the main road. I went slightly the wrong way so we took a long route, but this meant we explored a different way into town.

We were heading for a cafe in the middle of Horsham - D&D - which does a vegan breakfast until midday. It didn't only do vegan but that was the main theme - it was run by a young Asian family. There were mainly old people around the town centre.

As we wanted to get into the national park, and there were a lot of 'A' roads on the way there, we decided to get a train some of the way, and just caught one to Pulborough, where we saw a beautiful little lane with a cottage at the end, and open hilly countryside beyond, which can't have changed for centuries.

After crossing an ancient bridge, we decided to avoid the fast route to Midhurst, though the route we took via Hardham was busy up to the first turning. Hardham still had it's own main road, off the 'A' road, and a church dating from 1050. It was easy to sit in the pews and imagine medieval worshippers there.

We stopped at another couple of not-quite-as-old but more beautiful churches at Fittleworth and Egdean. Jack had vegan-friendly places in Byworth, Petworth and Midhurst lined up, but the first, being a pub, didn't do meals on mid-afternoon (but did a lovely cup of tea) , the one at a country club stopped serving food at 14:00 (but I enjoyed a surprisingly nice Turmeric and maple drink), then we found that the cafe in Midhurst has changed its hours due to Covid and was shut.

We got to see a huge abandoned mansion, while Midhurst, despite being a mid-sized market town, seemed to have retained all its cottages unchanged for hundreds of years. We got a bus back to Pulborough - we'd already got one on the last leg from pretty Petworth, having failed to access the country path - and a train back to Horsham. I spent time at Pulborough trying to work out the past usage of the complicated station building.

We just got back to Horsham in time to get a patty, which we ate in the Capital cinema before the film '23 Walks'. THE Capital was a council entertainment complex on several levels, with the aesthetics of a conference building.

The film was virtually a two- hander, staring Alison Steadman and Dave Johns (from 'I, Daniel Blake') , about a couple who meet when dog-walking. It was set in North London. The woman character said she was from Finchley but implied that the dog-walking was taking place in a neighbouring area.

My sleeves were damp from the drizzle . I need a properly rainproof cycling jacket.