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2020-09-30 09:15:07 (UTC)


Well, he is officially homeless.
He came up last night And slept on the sofa, not sure if he is going to do this daily.
He did leave some stuff here, but never really asked if he could move in.
I am, still dog sitting. No accidents. Thing is, I watch her like a 2 year old child.
She is learning structure.
Other than that, internet has been down almost a full week. Annoying.
I miss playing my Snapchat game 😂🤣
The new stove is burning my food. I mentioned it to him and he is going to look for another stove. Thank heavens I did not get rid of my old stove.

The weather here has dropped into the freezing mark at night.
I ended up pulling the air conditioner myself.
Been working on things slowly.

My muscle spasms have gotten really bad, as well as back and hip pain.
I’ve been fighting something for over a week now. Don’t think it’s Covid, but something is going on.

I’m tired, it’s raining still. Going to grab some sleep.