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2020-09-29 16:41:15 (UTC)

Being Needy! 😱

So I bought a book. Self improvement stuff. I'm just now starting maybe the first couple of chapters but my mind is blown away! I'm at the part about being a needy or non needy man. Damn!! I stop and try to self assess. What about me? What am I? Am I a needy man? Do I need to hand in my man-card or what? They mention people buying things not for them but seeking validation from others.

Of course, I think about my Truck. Biggest thing I bought in awhile. Did I buy it because I'm a needy man? Am I looking for approval from others to make me feel better? I mean even Carrie that sat in my truck a year or so ago told me she couldn't believe it and that my truck was quote "Orgasmic!" Well holy crap! Did I do it for that? Then I thought no, I needed a vehicle to pull my kayak trailer. My favorite color is red like my truck which make me like my truck for me. I needed a vehicle for the many camping trips I make. So I acknowledge it was for me and investing in me. Not a thing to get validation from others.

Same with my cologne and suits. I owned one suit and it is so old. I'm guessing at least 12 years old now. I stopped wearing it when I gained weight so it was still sort of new. I couldn't wear it until these past few years when I lost weight. So I feel the wardrobe is for me. Polo shirts and jeans are ok but I wanted something more...for me. I did that for me. The colognes? Yeah, I love the smell of my colognes too. I spray myself even when I'm home during the day at times. I like the smell. It even helps me smile when I wake up in the morning. I still smell a bit of the fragrance left on me.

There is so much more to read but just these few dozen or so pages has opened up new insights about myself . So much to read and learn. I hope to God I'm not a needy man. I don't want to rehash the past but I will to see if I was. If I was or am, I need to get on it and work on myself a bit more. Don't be an ass kisser to whomever you're dating. Don't forget to invest more in yourself and not in your romantic partner.
It's always about investing in yourself. Not to the point of becoming a Narcissist of course but enough to know your importance of being the best you can be for you.

But yeah, being needy is not sexy. Being needy shows your lack of self esteem. Being needy dissolves relationships. I think needing a drink from time to time would be an exception though :)

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