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2020-09-21 09:00:29 (UTC)

my Master is home

Master returned home this past weekend and i got to see Him for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday. The first week He was gone was more difficult as we have grown so accustomed to a nearly daily visit during these days of COVID and working remotely. The second week was easier as i was accepting of the fact that He was visiting his son and daughter-in-law who had returned to the US after being deployed for an extended time in Asia. So i fully understood and was very happy that they could spend time together.

my mistake during His absence was not sharing with our public diary. He let me know of His disappointment yesterday and i truly felt terrible that i had disappointed Him. i would never knowingly do that -- ever. The reason -- and not the excuse -- was that i understood that He would be completely "unplugged" while away and i never gave it a single thought to come here and write, knowing it would make me miss Him more. But i disappointed Him and for that i am truly sorry.

i will say that i followed His directions during the first week and wore exactly what was instructed of me. i will continue to wear it until told to stop.

Welcome home, Master. i am sorry to disappoint You further by having my "off week" upon Your return, but i will please You any other way You desire. But, You knew that.