London Life
2020-09-28 22:46:02 (UTC)


I got about ten hours sleep, helped by Night Nurse after feeling so tired with my illness (Steve L took a lot of convincing on Saturday that I hadn't got Covid). We've got a week off work so had a cuddle for an hour, and left about 11:45 for a full vegan breakfast at Blighty's. I was going to sit us in the garden, but there was no-one else sitting there, and there's not much point in going to a cafe unless you're surrounded by (socially - distanced), people.

They do a proper vegan breakfast, not just versions of a full-English. Despite the café name, they actually focus on the Commonwealth, rather than just the UK, so the vegan breakfast was supposedly Indian-themed. We had a second coffee, then sat in Finsbury Park for a while. I'd got out a winter dress and hat, but Radio London gave the temperature as 19, so still good for late September.

I spotted some nearby wetlands on the map, which were a nature reserve, and a wild swimming area, so we cycled over there. Saw a man in a wetsuit and a lady in a one-piece cossie which only exposed a few cm. of bare bottom, but the stop-start bum crease was evident as she walked.

After walking round the second body of water, a wildlife haven, we cycled to the station where I watered the plants, then to Homerton where we were going to see a film. Beforehand we had a lovely chick-pea pancake and tea in the Spread Eagle, being served by a nice waitress wearing a very short black dress.

The Castle cinema was quite full, and although they'd made sure there were spaces between each couple or group, they weren't staggered in each row - so unlike at Crouch End, people were sitting behind each other. I was glad we weren't sitting in front of a couple of girls near us who weren't wearing masks.

The film was 'Rocks', about an East London schoolgirl who's mother walks out, as she can't cope. It covered the girl's attempts to avoid social services and her relationships with her schoolmates. It was entertaining and interesting, though I would have preferred them not to use the annoying documentary-style camera technique.

City Mapper sent us home along Balls Pond Road, but instead of turning off Furlong Road as they suggested, I spotted Canonbury Park Road which is one of my favourite cycle routes. We stopped for a coffee at the Everyman, but they were just closing, so we went home and watched a BBC documentary about excavations of an old graveyard near where we live, prior to building the new high-speed rail line to Birmingham.