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2020-09-28 12:34:58 (UTC)

Walking-on-water rating 🤪

I recall way back when, I was at the bank reviewing house mortgage options. I believe I was at Wells Fargo at the time. They of course run your credit. My score was 813. I asked if that was good enough for a good loan. I recall the lady that was helping said "Yes, your score is great. To us, you are walking on water. ". I laughed and completed setting up my pre-approved mortgage loan.

Of course, fast forward a little bit and my life came crashing down and that's when I started this diary. Lost everything. Wife, kiddos, house, chapter 7, etc, and blah blah blah. Threw my pity party for a few years and that was that. My credit score deservingly dropped from 813 to 557. I'm sure if there was a saying for that, It would probably include laying in poop or something to that nature.

As the years went by, my credit score slowly came back up. A few years ago, I finally got back to 700ish. Also last year, I spent some money and charged a few things. I really enjoyed myself on my vaca to Canada. Still love that Country and all nice people there. I just recalled my Sister accidentally cock blocked me when I was chatting with this lady. Had a fun argument with my Sister on that. I told her she cock blocked me with making it seem like I was her husband and she should have mentioned I was her brother. I do not look like my Sister at all. Sister says to me "She was just flirting to sell you that vase" lol 😅

I also accessorized my truck. I put some need-to-have in there which means things I really didn't need when you translate it. ProbABLY Spent at least $4,000 for that. Then the $1,500 in new clothes (suits, pants, dress shirts, and what not), and probably another $1,500 in colognes. I'm sure I bought more that I wanted but didn't really need. So I ended up with one credit card having a balance left on it. The rest were fine and I keep them at or near zero. I use it a little to keep it from being idle.

Anyway, with Covid I was able to save a lot of money. Not save really but kept me from socializing and spending so it sort of forced me to save. Of course, my auto fuel costs dropped by at least 70%. Since my surgery, I haven't gone out at all except for the time I had to go to the bank so I spent $0 on gas for the past 6-7 weeks.

With all those storms lined up, I was able to put a dent on that credit card and today, I just saw my credit score. It jumped by 52 points!!!! 😱. My score now is 792!!! I believe by next month, my score will hit that next level in the 800ish because my c card debt to available credit will drop to less than 9% and that should bust the 800 ceiling. I will once again get close to walking on water. lol.

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