Experienced Life
2020-09-28 05:27:44 (UTC)

Man card 😅

Went to pick up my meds yesterday at Safeway. Pharmacist is way in the back. I guess they do this on purpose so you buy something on the way out. I believe I heard that's why they put milk way in the back also. Anyway, we have these one way marked aisles to adhere to Covid to not bunch up. One aisle faces right at the pharmacy window so they can see you coming. To my surprise, they had my meds alll ready to go and was just putting the last bottle in a bag for me.

They are all ladies in the back and most of them are cute. There is this tall red head I see sometimes and she looks like one of the cuter viking ladies I see on Netflix. Anyway, one of the ladies say they recognized me and that's why my stuff was almost packaged and ready to go. I asked how they recognized me. I'm thinking my nicey-nice way of speaking? My smile? The meds weren't anything special. Just the last Norco bottle I will ever need and one for my high blood pressure. So the lady said "I recognize you from your neck brace". Doh!!! Minus one point on the man card. lol 😱 Needless to say, I really hate this neck brace.

Anyway, I'm up early for no reason whatsoever. I think it's time to make some coffee. So good morning to myself and to you peeps. I don't have to work so it's not a bad Monday for me. Still way too early. No birds are up yet. The coast is clear for the worms for a little while longer. lol