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2020-09-28 06:42:12 (UTC)

Miserable and How

Now the limit has crossed. I'm so miserable that i am looking for call center jobs. Also thinking to withdraw pension. Have started Affiliate Marketing but its not working out as I thought. Car covers are not getting sold. not getting job. life has become so miserable that I have to think even to spend 500 rs.
things are getting more difficult day by day. now am even ready to do calling jobs, night shifts for money. this is obviously going to ruin my CV big time but cant help. have to think of present now. i want jobbbbbb, I want moneyyyyyyy....
Mom's sugar spiked again because of that bastard. doc said its because of mental stress which he has caused her. by harrasing her for his sleeping pills. god i cannot do anthing about anything
be it mom, house situate, job, finance nothing at all... day by day am just sinking more deeper in the puddle.
job job jobbbbbbbb fucking how and why is it so hard to get a job. all my problems are related to job, no guy is showing interest because i have no job, guys from mumbai or abroad no one is showing interest... i dont know what to do....
job will solve my cash crunch, will get a guy, mental state and everything will be fine....
I see people working and happy and i want that why cant i get that in my life?? why?

I hate V... yes i blame him sometimes and practically he is only responsible for everything happened..... HATE YOU! i never knew the person who loved me so much will take away things in double. ill again search for some jobs today. i feel so sad.