taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-09-28 00:25:08 (UTC)

sunday updates (point form)

- posted a meme on the 'gram linking trump tax evasion to the panama papers without really confirming that he was in the panama papers. i mean? thought about sliding it into a story, but just posted it on main. got 1 like, so, that's that. (it was the simpson's don't make me tap the sign template). pretty solid, i thought. entirely obvious and nothing will happen as is customary in failed america 2020.

- sneezing a lot since drinking a green tea? the tea bag was damaged in the preparation process and was leaking loose leaf. unsure if the sneezing's relationship to this is spurious or wh- ehm.

- need a new show (this void isn't going to fill itself). if anyone reads this and wants to offer a suggestion, feel free. i probably won't watch it because i'm aggressively particular.

- my good friend's little guy might have covid :|. haven't got any updates there/afraid to text. tomorrow morn if i haven't heard anything. -- oh fuck, he's texting me literally rn. brb

gonna post

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