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2020-09-27 15:10:15 (UTC)

Don't be a puppet and instead, expand your world 🤨

Wow!! This world is sure to bring lot's of appts to shrinks once Covid finally passes. I got some friends that are just hoping and waiting for their ex or almost exes. I feel sad for them but I know they are in a frame of mind way above my pay. They need to see a shrink.

I see them and I see their pain. They are like puppets. Waiting for the puppet master to pull on their strings to be able to move again. They are waiting or hoping their exes do something. So sad. They don't see or maybe they do but still drink the kool-aid. Sad that they don't see how pining for someone is just leading them into depression or actually more depressed. They can't see or just fooling themselves maybe?

I read somewhere that breaking up or the pain of breaking up is similar to being addicted to heroin or whatever drug it was! Wow! Scary thought. That's why I guess it's hard. Still, the only thing best for them is to work on themselves. We can only control one person. That would be ourselves.

I've said so many times already on how to self improve. In general, expand your world. Travel, try a new hobby, journal, meet with a shrink, go to events even if you don't feel like it, and... hit an instructor led crossfit class.

But for now, my friends are my friends. I will be that friend for them. I will listen and just be supportive but they don't see or want a way out. It's tough and yeah, I was there too once. Stuck in a rut feeling like crap. I love my friends and all I can do is try to be as good a friend and try to make them feel as positive as possible. I'm stupid and silly so I can at least make them laugh from time-to-time with my weird dark humor.

So folks, don't stand still. Get out there and get dirty peeps. 😎

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