London Life
2020-09-27 19:30:07 (UTC)

Falling off my bike

CATCH-UP: The New Forest (Day 1)
Cycled to Waterloo and got a train to Brockenhurst, even though there was no train at the time we’d booked. To avoid the narrow ‘A’ road I’d used before when going to Mark’s wedding, we took a loop round on a ‘B’ road, passing a few random ponies in front gardens and on the village green. We were going to go on the A35 for the last bit, but when we got there, we decided it wouldn’t be too far to cross it and do a V-shaped ride along an unclassified road which would take us to Lyndhurst. This was really quiet, more of a path through trees.

When we were almost there, we stopped at a pub which did vegan lasagne but they annoyed me by saying that we couldn’t bring our bikes across his (wooden) floor the back garden, even though I suggested carrying them. He said it because of the one-way system, but that was irrelevant. I think the hotel was close to the one I stayed in before. There was a thatched-roofed house opposite. It was well organised, with entrance from the side only, and a new reception, to help distancing.

We had a walk round the back streets behind our hotel, but they were self-contained and didn’t connect to the centre. We got into a local café just before it shut and had a look up a side street which led to the visitor centre, and sat in the church garden with a coffee we got there. Eventually we went to Chinese restaurant, which had put up screens to help separate diners. Initially the waitress had told us to come back in ten minutes. In the meantime, Jack was tempted by a posh restaurant which was rather expensive, and we p
ut it off for maybe another day.

CURRENT - 27th September 2020
Got to the task at Finchley Way nicely in time, though I still felt weak with illness, but I was certainly going to this one, as Paul had put me in charge. Suzanne showed me what our job was, then pretty Mia unexpectedly turned up (we thought it was new girl Georgina), before Fiona and her puppy Florence also walked in. I really only passed a few pleasantries with them, asking how Charlotte was, and they finished before I did. We had to remove ivy from the gate, to make it more obvious as an entrance, and cut back leaves and branches above fence height to make people aware that the park exists – it certainly looked like gardens the first time I cycled past.

There were no errors in my route, going via Archway on the way and West End Lane coming back. I was about to turn left to visit Earth Whole Foods, then I suddenly noticed a car between me and the left turn. How I hadn’t seen it before, I don’t know. In trying to correct my error, I fell off my bike and because I’d hurt my leg, I took a while to get up off the road. I felt a bit weak and groggy – I don’t know whether this was a result of my accident or the cause of it. So I went into Gail’s for a coffee and soft biscuit, though by the time they’d sorted out the coffee I felt better anyway.

I had a bath, looked at some pictures and videos, improving some of my own “action” photos for light and clarity, to try and make my body look better. Listened to the Amazing Chart and caught up with the news, then went out to get some Lucozade as I felt so weak and thirsty. I’m determined to have a proper early night tonight.