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The Meeting (3,575 wds)

The Meeting
D’Arc Tangent

It was a cool and mild Saturday afternoon as he sat in the local Tim Hortons Café, although everyone in Canada just called it Timmies. Sipping on an extra-large steep tea, he felt a slight chill as the door opened, causing him to look up from his laptop and saw her. Not just her, but HER. The kind of HER that is more than just a gender specific pronoun, it was a HER as in the one he had been waiting for all his life.
Her hair was straight and black, and disappeared into her coat, hinting at a youthfully long length, and she removed her jacket as she sat at a table with a few other young Asian girls. As the jacket slid down her arms, her top was stretched across her chest for a moment, defining her pert, and youthful body, then she placed the jacket across the back of her chair, her black hair falling just below her shoulders. As she sat down, the fabric of her jeans hugged her slender hips, and the white satin blouse flowed around her chest and waist, the upper two buttons undone, showing just a glimpse of the café au lait skin underneath. As she sat, she stopped a moment, and looked his way, just as he stopped looking at her, and looked back to his computer.
Maddy sat down at the table with her friends. New to Canada, this was an exciting adventure, and the girls in her Business Management Class were happy to show her around. She lowered herself into one of the seats around the table and started talking to her friends. Same just went back to his writing, sipping from his tea, and occasionally looking up at HER, turning away every time she looked his way. He continued writing until his network connection reached its two-hour limit and as he contemplated re-establishing the connection, the university students started to gather their things and leave. He watched HER, as she pulled on her jacket, her arms stretching the fabric of her blouse over her perky little breasts, then as she bent forward to pick up her purse, he caught a glimpse of her cleavage, and his eyes were fixed on HER until she lifted her head, and theirs eyes met, and he dropped his gave, missing the smile that played across her lips. As the girls all left as a group, Sam closed up his laptop, downed the last of his tea, and left.
The next afternoon, Sam was back at his usual table, working more on his novel, when the University girls came in again. As they filed into the café, he watched them until she came in. He smiled, then went back to writing. Soon, a shadow fell across his table, and he looked up and saw HER standing there. When their eyes met, she put out her hand.
“Hello. My name is Maddy.”
Sam took her hand and shook it, “Sam. Sam Puget.” and his heart was pounding in his chest as their hands touched.
“Would you like to join my friends and I at our table?” she asked
Sam looked past her to the table of girls, who were all intensely watching the scene play out.
“Thank You.” Same said, “But I would not like to intrude on your friends, and I really should finish this story for my publisher.”
“Well, there is a spot for you, if you change your mind.” she said, and went back to her table.
Sam watched HER as she sat down with her friends and resumed their chatting as he went back to his work. Suddenly, the shadow fell across his table again, and he looked up to see HER sitting across from him, her coffee in her hand.
“I changed MY mind.” she said as she looked him in the eyes, “So, you are a writer?”
“Yes.” he said, as he watched her face, the way her lips moved, the way her eyes sparkled, and he knew she needed him to elaborate, “I write fantasy stories, full of magic, and heroic people.”
Maddy took a sip of her coffee, and never once took her eyes off him, “That sounds wonderful. The world needs more magic in it.” she smiled. “Can I read what you have so far?” she said, and without waiting for an answer, moved her chair next to him. She smelled of vanilla as she leaned in close to him, pulling her hair over her ear and leaning so close Sam could feel the heat from her body brush against his cheek.
“I like it.” she said, then, “Do you mind if I just add a line that I think you might find useful?”
Sam shrugged, then replied, “Sure, let’s see what you got.”
Maddy typed in a series of numbers, then said, “There. Try that.”
Sam looked at the ten digits Maddy typed across his screen, then looked at her, perplexed.
“My phone number.” she said, then softly stroked his cheek and left to join her friends, who erupted into a string of questions as she returned to her spot at the table.
Sam copied the phone number into his phone, all the while watching HER as she sat with her friends, and occasionally looking his way and smiling. The girls stayed there for about an hour, then packed their gear and left, and Sam stayed to continue to work on his story.
Sam found it hard to maintain focus as he continued to think about Maddy, sitting next him, her soft skin so close to him, so near, and yet so far. Her scent filling his mind, her voice tickled his ears, and rang through his memory. Finally, he gave up on writing anything more today, packed up his laptop, and left.
It was a brutal day in class that afternoon, and Maddy wanted nothing more from that day than to go back to her dorm, take a shower, and sleep. As she stood in the shower, the hot water beating on her flesh, all the tension from the day ebbing from her and slowly swirling down the drain with the water, she thought about Sam. Maddy closed her eyes as she lathered a cloth and began to wash. She could feel his strong hands clasping her hands with his, and moving the cloth over her body. Across her stomach, circling her breasts, and washing her gently between her legs.
“Can I do your back?” she heard him say, and her eyes flashed open as she turned to face the voice, but there was no one there, just her, alone.
“Fuck Maddy.” she said to herself, “You need some sleep.” and she took a few deep breaths to settle her mind, and her nerves, finished washing, toweled off, and slipped into her robe, and went back to her dorm room. She turned on the light, and saw the note sitting on her desk from her dormmate.
<Maddy, gotta date. Don’t wait up. - Bea.>
“Great. Another boring night alone.” she muttered to herself as she slipped out of her robe, and hung it on the peg by her bed. Maddy stretched all the tightness of the day out of her muscles, then unwrapped the towel from around her body and tossed it into the laundry hamper. As she stood alone in her room, naked, she looked over at her nightie hanging next to her robe, shrugged her shoulders, sighed, then plopped backwards onto her bed. She lay there with the cool air blowing over her body, her skin pimpled from the chill, and her mind drifted to Sam.
Maddy recalled how he stared at her, like he was looking into her soul, like he was seeing HER, the HER that was his, and his alone, and it made her feel special, more special than she had ever felt in her life. Her fingers circled her clit. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensation. Her free hand massaged one of her breasts as she flicked her bean, then plunged two fingers into her glistening slit, and her back arched as she drove them in deep. Her hips started to thrust to the sensation, the fingers diving in, then out to circle the clit, then back in, and out as his free hand massaged one breast then the other. Her breathing was becoming ragged, and her heart was pounding in her chest and she could feel the warmth of juices as they seeped out between her legs, then suddenly there was a loud buzzing in her ears and it took a moment to realize it was her phone.
Pulling her hand out from between her legs, she answered the call.
“Maddy here.” she said, breathlessly.
“Maddy? Sam here. Sam Puget, we met at Timmie?”
“Fuck!” Maddy said softly.
“Sorry, what was that?” Sam asked.
“Sorry, nothing,” Maddy said, “Sam, thank you for calling, I was just thinking about you.”
“Good things, I hope?” Sam laughed.
“Fuck yeah!” Maddy thought to herself, then into the phone she said, “Actually, I was just wondering how long you would wait to call me.” she giggled back.
“Well, I hope I didn’t wait too long. I was wondering if you feel up to a drink tonight?”
“I would love to Sam!” Maddy blurted out, then realizing she was laying naked in bed, and was actually very tired, she amended, “But I am wiped tonight. Would it be alright for say tomorrow night? It’s a Saturday, and I have no classes tomorrow. Is that alright?” She felt sad that he had to say no to him when he made the effort to call.
“Yeah, sure, sure.” Sam said, but there was a sadness in his voice, “Tomorrow, say nine-ish?”
“Earl’s? On campus?” Maddy said, trying to bolster his mood.
“That would be excellent.” Sam said, and he did sound somewhat happier, “see you then.” and then there was a small pause, as if he was trying to screw up the courage to say something else, but then just added, “Well, have a good sleep.” and hung up.
Maddy lay on her bed, staring at her phone, then said “Fuck it!” and she hot the redial button.
“Sam Puget.” the voice on the other end said.
“Where do you live?” Maddy said, not even introducing herself.”
“Whyte Ave.” Sam said, “7608 Whyte Avenue.” he added, then there was a click as Maddy hung up. Sam stared at his phone for a minute, confused, shrugged, then put it back down.
Maddy sprang off her bed and started rummaging through her dresser. Panties, bra, top and shorts, the first things she ran across, not caring what they were, as long as they were clothes, and she dressed, slipping into a pair of sandles, she ran down to her car and sped into the night.
Sam stared at his computer, and type in a few sentences, deleted them, re-typed them, deleted them, over and over again.
“Why did she want my address?” he thought, as his mind moved from his computer to the conversation not five minutes ago, “I thought we were meeting there.”
Sam paced the room, trying to focus on his story. He would sit, and stare at the screen, stand and pace, sit and stare in a continuous motion trying to figure out what to write next. As he was pacing for about the fifth time, the buzzer to his apartment sounded and he absently pressed the voice button.
“Yes?” he said, not really paying much attention.
“Sam?” the voice on the other side said, “Sam? It’s me. It’s Maddy.”
Sam stopped, completely shut down for a moment.
“Sam” the voice said again, “Sam? Can I come up?”
Like moving through water, Sam tried to make his fingers move to the button, and finally he reached it, and pressed the OPEN button. A few minutes later there was a knock on his door. Sam opened the door, and Maddy threw herself into his arms and kissed him, not caring the door was still open. Sam was taken aback. His arms were out at his sides as if scared to touch her, but moments later he embraced her, and returned the kiss just as hard. When she finally pulled back, Maddy stood in front of him and said, “I’m sorry. I really meant it when I said I was tired, but the more I thought of you, the more I realized, I couldn’t let this moment pass.”
Sam walked past HER, and closed the door, locking it as he walked back to HER.
“This moment?” Sam said, even as Maddy took his hand in hers.
“You got a bedroom here?” she said as she looked around the apartment.
“End of the hall. Why?”
“For someone so smart, you ask a lot of dumb questions.” she said as she dragged him down the hallway to the room he indicated. Once inside the bedroom, she pushed the door shut with her foot, while pushing Sam onto the bed. As Sam sat on the edge of the bed, Maddy pulled her top up over her head, her tanned midriff exposed, then her rib cage, followed by her bra, before the top dropped to the floor.
As Maddy reached behind for her bra hooks, Sam stood and held her hands.
“No.” Maddy said, concern running across her face, “I want to do this. I really do.”
Sam moved her hands to her sides, and leaned in to kiss her, and as he did, he reached behind HER and undid the hooks on her bra, slowly pulling it forward, and freeing her perky little B-Cups with the deep brown areolas. He then kneeled before her and unbuttoned the top of her denim shorts, then pulled down the zipper, slowly, each click of the zipper revealing a little more of the white cotton panties., before pulling them down and witnessing the camel-toe between her legs.
Then, without warning or preamble, he grabbed the edge of her panties and pulled them down. Maddy braced herself against his shoulders as she slipped the pants and panties off her legs, and stood before him naked, but unashamed, and unafraid. She smiled down at him, before he thrust his face between her legs, and his tongue slid along the slit between her legs. Again, Maddy grabbed his shoulders, this time because her legs went week from his touch. Sam’s fingers spread her open so he could get his tongue inside her, the smoothly shaved pussy parting for his mouth as he sought out that tender spot deep inside her. Maddy bit her lower lip as Sam drove his tongue inside her. Darting in and out, curling his tongue upward as he pulled out, then thrusting back in Maddy had to wrap her arms around his head to hold him as he continued until she pushed his head into her to keep him there as her body trembled.
Sam pulled back, and slowly rose, his hands holding onto Maddy to keep her steady, then he picked her up in his arms and lay her gently on his bed before unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders and let it fall behind him. He then undid his belt, and pants, pushing both pants and underwear down in one motion, and stood before his lover, his erection at full mast before her.
Maddy rolled onto her side and reached for the shaft, gripping it gently in her small hands, and lowered it to her mouth, and ran her tongue up along the shaft from the sack to the tip before plunging the whole thing in her mouth, her soft lips wrapping around the pulsing appendage, and softly sucked on the head.
Sam reached out to the nearest object, his side table, to brace himself as Maddy sucked on his cock, stroking it with her tiny hands as her mouth worked its magic. It took all of Sam’s control, and more than a bit of Maddy’s strength to keep him from fucking her mouth, to let her keep doing this herself, but even with all his will, he was coming so close that he tried to stop her, to push her away, but Maddy was not having any of it. She continued sucking him until he finally came unbidden into her mouth. Maddy tilted her head back and swallowed his load, then rolled over on her back and said, “Now, you are ready for me.”
Sam climbed onto the bed, moving over Maddy’s body, laying with her legs spread in anticipation, her slit glistening with her juices, and Sam’s still erect cock, poised for entry. Maddy guided it in, gasping at the girth as it penetrated her, and again she bit into her lower lip and winced at the sheer size that was entering her.
They made love in a slow, methodical fashion. Sam starting slow, letting her stretch to accommodate him, increasing his speed as she slicked his shaft, until he could feel himself getting close, then he would slow down again, letting his arousal lessen before starting over again, as he rocked inside her slowly, increasing in speed and force, until his body was literally pounding into her. Maddy spread her legs wider, trying to accommodate as much of his body as she could, finally wrapping her legs around his body, and holding him there in a vise-tight grip as he unleashed his load inside her.
Sparks ignited behind Maddy’s eyes as she climaxed. Both their bodies coated in sweat, each one shaking from the pleasure as they both collapsed next to each other, and held each other. As they lay there together, Maddy turned to Sam and said, “You know this is a one-shot thing, right? It will probably a good six month before you will see me naked again.”
“But I will still get to see you, right? This isn’t like pity sex because you don’t want to see me again?”
Maddy laughed, a soft, girlish laugh, that made Sam smile.
“No silly. I just don’t usually jump into bed with a man on the first date.”
“So, this was a date?” Sam asked.
“I guess, technically, it isn’t really a date, so my reputation still stands for not sleeping with a man on the first date.”
Sam stared up at the ceiling and laughed.
“Fuck, this is going to be one fun relationship.”
“And I have to get back to my dorm.” Maddy said, and she turned to get up off the bed, as Sam took her arm, “Stay.” he said.
Maddy leaned in and kissed him, “I can’t.” she said, “I have to be back before morning.”
“Do you turn into a pumpkin?”
She kissed him again, and said, “No, but mother calls me every morning and if I am not in my room when she calls, this...” and she gestured between the two of them, “isn’t going to happen again.”
“Well, we can’t let that happen.” Sam said, “I want this …" and he duplicated Maddy’s gesture, “To happen as often as you will let it.”
Maddy lifted the sheet to look at Sam’s cock, smiled, and said, “Yeah, six months might be a little excessive.”
“So? Tomorrow then?” Sam chided.
“You know I won’t sleep with a man on the first date.” she laughed.
“Sunday?” He quizzed.
“Church.” she replied.
“After church?” he asked, and she shook her head, smiling, then kissed him again as she rose from the bed, “Good night Sam Puget.” and cupped his cheek, then moved to get dressed.
“Leave the panties.” he said as she reached for her pants, and Maddy, still bent over picking up her clothes, raised her head to look at him. “As a reminder.” he added.
Maddy picked up her panties, hooked them in her finger, and flung them at him like a rubber band, and Sam caught them in mid-flight. Then she slid her shorts over her naked bottom, and finished getting dressed. Once she was ready, she walked over to the bed where Sam lay, kneeled by the bed, and leaned in to kiss him. It was a long, slow kiss that Maddy did not want to end. When she finally pulled away, she pulled back the covers to look at his naked body, then gently cupped his scrotum, and sighed as if she missed his penis.
“I’ve gotta go.” she said, stood up and started to the door. Sam got out of bed, and walked her to the door. As she left, she kissed him one more time as she backed away into the hall, turned, and left as Sam closed the door and returned not to his bed, but his laptop and started writing again, his mind bursting with inspiration.
Maddy entered her dorm room, and as the door closed behind her, a light suddenly came on.
“So where have you been?” Bea asked, smiling.
“I thought you had a date?” Maddy replied.
“It was a bust, but you look like you had a good evening.”
Maddy started to undress for bed when Bea said, “Since when did you go commando?” then her eyes widened, “You had a hook up and left your panties!”
As Maddy slipped into her nightie, she said, “Go to bed Bea.” flipped the light off, and climbed into bed herself, and fell asleep thinking of Sam.