Experienced Life
2020-09-26 11:10:00 (UTC)

My silly but hot friend 🤨

So my hot Lithuanian friend (The one that can take apart and reassemble an AK47 aka: top 10%) chatted with me yesterday. She was saying that she is having guy issues. At first, I'm thinking why are you asking me and 2nd thought was are you drunk? I mean, she's the hottie! I don't know how life works in her world of rainbows and unicorns and the last person to ask for love advice is probably me.

So anyways, she says she is feeling that her boyfriend is not giving her enough attention. She also says she don't like clingy guys and don't want someone that is way too independent but wanted something in the middle. I'm glad I can chat and roll my eyes at the same time because yeah...that's what I was doing. She says it maybe because her bf's Dad passed away and now making arrangements for his Mom to live elsewhere. Also, his Dad owned multiple properties and had to fix the houses up before selling them so that keeps him busy along with his normal job. Again, I'm trying to think of the hard life some people are having (sarcastically typing this of course).

So I ask, "Was he like this before his Dad passed away?" She said he was and of course my reply is "Well? isn't it plain that this will go on?". Then she backtracks and says that she doesn't want to bounce from man to man. My reply was "You don't have to be with a man once you break up with one. Maybe, just maybe you need to stay alone and work on yourself for a little while?"

She replies with "I don't want to just give up. I've been in this relationship for awhile so I want to work on it". I'm thinking at this moment that I'm so glad I'm single right now. Go figure. Porridge to hot, porridge too cold, and looking for one that is just right? So I told her that shouldn't she be having this chat with her bf and not me? So I jumped off the land of rainbows and unicorns and politely ended the chat.

I took care of all my business yesterday so today, it's a chill and relax day. No errands needed. No dirty laundry, nothing, nada, zilch. I slept pretty well last night and I was completely pain med free yesterday. Not even a tylenol pill. I still feel stuff in the back but it's not really painful. More of an irritant like when someone keeps poking you in the arm but it's behind my neck and back instead.

My friends have a white water rafting trip today. My friend Heidi set it up and yeah, she didn't even try to ask me to go. lol. My other cute friend texted me last night again apologizing missing her food drop off when I was really messed up. I admit, I got a little upset she missed it since it was sort of expected. It was scheduled and I was acting a little like a big baby so that's why 🤪. I finally let her off the hook and she says she can come by next Thursday to drop off some food. I told her I have an appt next Wed with my Dr and he may give me the green light to drive. If so, then I'll be fine and won't need help anymore.

Still full from last night's dinner. Had one of my steaks I bought from the Asian market that was so dang cheap. Still hoping it's cow meat. lol. I tried just putting it on a pan with high heat for a couple of min on each side then tossing it into the hot air fryer to keep the outside sort of seared but not burnt and cooking the inside for a steak done medium. I liked it and I had a glass of red wine with it so it was easy-peasy. Had dinner while watching... the devil aka:Netflix