from my heart
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2020-09-26 13:34:26 (UTC)

stop with the princess syndrome

2:34 pm
i am tired of people and how inconsiderate they are. the fact that i have held up to this point amazes me because now i am just so fucking done.

i will not work 5 days. im so tired of my weekly schedule for work. im overworking, im exhausted, and im tired of not being taken seriously. every time i say "yes" to my boss, i feel as if the more she feels like ill continuously say "yes" to her.

she told sarah today that shes considering not finding another hostess because we dont need one. like what the fuck"? ive missed one of my exams due to work and i havent even been able to prioritize school because of the whack ass schedules shes been giving. the fact that she thinks that we dont need another hostess when ive been asking for more than 2 months now is just nuts. like how can she just dismiss what i have to say and even bring up the words "i dont think i need to hire a new hostess" ??? i cant wait till i see my schedule and i can say "no" because for once im actually tired of doing everything she wants. she obviously doesnt care and its starting to become really clear that the only way i can make her hire another hostess is by making it into her personal problem (as harsh as that sounds) because if somebody's business is not her problem and its done doing her any harm then she doesnt even give a fuck.

ive been so scared all along to even let her know about my declining grades and how work has been negatively affecting my life overall because i feel as if she wouldnt validate my thoughts and feelings. i felt like i would be betraying her but im officially done with letting my boss walk all over me. this shouldnt have been going one for 2 months and it has. im tired of being patient and im going to stand up for myself.