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2020-09-26 07:35:35 (UTC)

Saturday Games

He didn’t come up yesterday, he has to work today....
Guess who’s on his way....
Not working....
Usual head games.

Don’t matter.
He’s not on my messenger, Snapchat, nothing. So I can say I’m going to bed and if I can’t sleep, I can talk to friends without getting drilled by a jealous man who would trade me in and tells me I don’t listen, I’m an ass, I’m grouchy, etc.
He now, has no clue what I’m doing and when I’m doing it.
I have nothing to hide, but his jealousy and comments have consequences.

I called the MCPD last night, asked if there was anything on me, said if there was, come get me. Explained the whole situation. They never showed up, so, my oldest and her sperm do or are at their all time low again. They are bored and I’m taking up space in their minds. I feel important 😂🤣they need drama and included me😂🤣
I seriously feel sorry for the two of them.

Anyway, stuff to do this morning.
Trash, recycling, and he is on his way, so need to get dressed and take the little princess out for a walk.

Till later
Have a fabulous Saturday,,