taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-09-26 02:10:56 (UTC)

and this apartment

is starving for an argument. anything at all to break the silence.

annd we're at the dashboard lyrics and rewatch Love phase of the pandemic.

comfort zone shit. mentally i am here and such as. thinking about that text interaction with V and. i don't know, obviously a weird scenario. it's the first time we've spoke in like a year? and the first time i felt like maybe we could have some version of a friendship or dialogue possibly. if there were any kind of interest in that? i can't help but still feel we're connected on some plane or, in an alternate universe i'm....,.... not into finishing this thought.

wishing i had a modicum of good spouse(/human person) skills (lately) man. but that's over. and i've achieved homeostasis on it. i really think i finally got there. and being friends, because we were good friends, could be good for the both of us? heal some wounds? am i crazy for thinking this? so much has changed. just don't know bro. gonna hang back forever probably. idk. carlito's way or the carlito's highway.

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