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2020-09-25 21:14:44 (UTC)

Andrea X Maris: Sister Moments: Part 1:

12-10-2018: Andrea and Maris first meet
01-16-2019: Andrea and Maris for the 3rd period holding the Pina colada drink
01-24-2019: Andrea, Rolando and Maris are hugging for the sweetest loveteam
02-06-2019: Lugo and Maris are throwing water balloons to Esteban since elp6
02-07-2019: Maris and Andrea are performing Most Girls
05-01-2019: Andi, Maris, Rolando for the airheads photoshoot
05-09-2019: Andrea x Maris are in 6th period
05-10-2019: Maris and Andrea are in the girls restroom putting on lip glosses
05-13-2019: Jeff, Andrea and Maris in 6th period holding the sign Thank You 2019!
05-15-2019: Andi, Maris, Rolando in Elp6 pulling each other's arms.
05-19-2019: Lugo and Maris are in 19 Bday concert: That's my girl, Most Girls, Me and the rhythm, Same old Love and Buttons
06-07-2019: Lugo and Maris are in the grad 2019 for the TV show series Rolando x Maris behind the scenes

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