Experienced Life
2020-09-25 09:47:51 (UTC)

Woke up with a stiff... 😜

Slept without my neck brace on last night to give it a try. No pain meds too. Woke up this morning and my neck was a little stiff. So tempted to stretch out my shoulder and was starting to but I caught myself and stopped. Word from Dr is not to do anything different till he sees me next week. So that means another week of neck brace. Another week of strict restrictions on any workouts. But I think it is just overkill and they just want to be cautious. That's why I slept without a neck brace and drugs last night. So except for a little stiff neck, I think I'll be ok. Pain level isn't bad at al. Just irritated and tender at the incision and about 2-3 inches around the incision. Also, body function seems to be coming back to norm. I got my morning problem again since I've been weaning off the pain meds. lol

Got errands to run. I didn't do all of them the other day and I want to pick up those T bone steaks. Oh yeah, since I didn't wear a neck brace yesterday in the shower, I tested it a little. lol. Yup, I was able to shave my front southern region so that was a big sigh of relief. Whew!! lol. At least my neck so far doesn't seem to have lost any mobility tilting down.

I think today I'll try on my dress clothes to see how I fit. Did I get fat and droopy or what? I know I weigh less than before I had surgery. Yipes!! I bought the suits and pants when I was sort of in shape. So... it'll be a rude awakening tonight when I try them on. I think I'll be fine though. And I'm sure fashion around the world has dropped to PJs and maybe even pantless while working anyway. At least for those that telework. Haha. For those that telework, be honest. Did I just describe your daily work clothes?

Otherwise, my agenda for today is free and clear. I may dwell deeper into this little hamster wheel that some people call a mind and get some inner thoughts transposed into my diary but not right now. Not this early. Gonna go out and check the pulse of what's going on out there in the world. And I still think Netfix is the devil!! lol