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2020-09-25 15:16:56 (UTC)

Camila Heartbreaking And Drama Moments Part 2: Finale

Rolando X Maris
Rolando X Camila
(from 08/13/2019-05/22/2020):
08-13-2019: Maris blames Esteban for what did she did:
At Maris' House: Mom's Room: Audrey sorts some papers:
Audrey: Maris, how was school?
Maris: Someone just blamed on the test paper of what he did.
Audrey: (stops sorting the papers) Maris, I talked to your teacher that everything will be okay.
Maris: Alright
08-20-2019: DNA Results delivered:

08-25-2019: Go to the nightlife with Rolando:

09-12-2019: David tells the truth about Maris:

09-13-2019: Middle Finger/Bad Memories:
Maris: (to David: middle finger)
Eric: Don't middle finger to David.
Maris: I know.
(Bad Memories):
School: Classroom: Maris sits alone in the chair crying:
(Flashback: 8/28/2017):
Rolando: Katerina! What are you doing?
Katerina: Wait! (goes to Esteban's class) Esteban!
Esteban: Katerina. Umm wanna go?
Katerina: How dare you to this for my fucking ideal! Huh! (gets my folder out, and it says 2nd period, and gets the essay about the Murders, and gives to you) Read it!
Esteban: Katerina, you are the karma.
Sam: Stop saying that Esteban, or I'll put you in the dirt?
Rolando: Katerina, we have to do your project.
Katerina: Okay. (gets my backpack, and heads out in the cafeteria)
Rolando: So you heartbroken by Esteban?
Katerina: Yeah.
Esteban: Wanna go?
Katerina: We're break up okay!
(Flashback: 10/16/2017):
Dani: (slaps 15 times) How dare you to this to me! Because my teacher got understood for being honest to get away from my new date Jose! And you will never stopped me! (slaps even more harder and harder) Want more?
Esteban: Daniela, what happened?
Daniela: I warned you! (slaps again)
Jose: What happened? (hug)
Daniela: Jose, Esteban cheated on me. (hug)
Jose: I'll call the cops! Because she cheated on you.
Daniela: Jose that's enough!
Jose: Dani, I'll get him.
Daniela: Okay. (gets my orange gum, and eats it) I have to call my mom!
Jose: Not now please.
(Flashback: 10/26/2017):
Mother Of Esteban: Alexandra Redona. You are still breaking up with your boyfriend, and Rolando was with you?
Alexandra Redona: Yeah.
Mother of Esteban: (slaps you)
Alexa: (llorar) Are you telling me the lie?
Esteban: Yeah she's lying.
(Torres Enters)
Torres: What's going on?
Brother of Esteban: Umm Jorge, I think Alexa is lying.
Torres: No she is not. (calls Rolando on the phone)
(Rolando is doing his homework)
Rolando: Bro, where have you been?
Torres: I'm at Esteban's!
Rolando: What happened to Alex?
Torres: She is lying. I'll talk to your later. Bye!
Father of Esteban: You cannot go to my son's house anymore, because you break up with him right away, and telling your lies? So what's the difference?
Alexa: I don't know Mr. I needed to speak Esteban.
Father of Esteban: You don't need to speak to Esteban, because you are being telling the truth, and your marriage date is officially over, so please get rid of you.
Torres: Sir that's enough, Alexa will gonna be upset all the time.
Sister of Esteban: Well Torres, I am so sorry about my brother because Alexa is still lying.
Esteban: Alexandra, just leave the house right now.
Alexandra: You know what, I Don't fucking care! Because I am gonna kill you before my marriage is officially over!
Mother of Esteban: Alexa! Just shut up and don't talk to me.
(Alexandra screaming into her lungs)
Alexa: You such a shade person!
Esteban: Too late Alex!
Torres: Just get out in the house Alexa!
Alexa: You know the damn drill! (middle finger)
(Flashback: 11/02/2017):
Esteban: Alexa.
Alexa: Why did you just being a hostage?
Esteban: No.
Alexa: What a cheater!
(Flashback: 11/13/2017):
Rolando: Alex, Alex, it's just your accident in the car.
Alexa: Yeah I know.
Rolando: (hugs Alexa, as gets the Napkin, and wipes the back of the neck)
Esteban: You are liar!
Rolando: Knock it off!
(Flashback: 11/14/2017):
(At Esteban's House: We seen Esteban and Corrine are in love again, but Alexa feels sad for the date, and she is outside)
Rolando: Alex, why are you crying? (hugs)
Alexa: Esteban decided to love me, but I said no.
Rolando: Here, let Oscar stay in the car.
Alexa: Umm that's fine.
(Esteban enters)
Esteban: You coming?
Oscar: Leave Alexa alone please. She doesn't want to talk to you.
Esteban: Okay.
Rolando: (shoves you) Can you please do not talk to her?
Glenn: Bro, get in the car, or else Alexa got punished.
Rolando: Shut up Glenn, I'm talking to Esteban.
Oscar: Glenn, is Alex have the date?
Glenn: Not really.
Torres: Esteban, you have to go inside your house.
(Esteban shoots Alexa)
Rolando: Alex!
Sabrina: Alex, are you okay?
(Alexa's chest bleeds, and she faints)
(Flashback: 11/15/2017):
Esteban: If Alexa dumped me once. (pushes and shoves you)
(Nold and Esteban are shoving and pushing once again)
Alexa: Oh my gold Nold, could you please knock it off.
(Flashback: 11/29/2017):
(Esteban and Corrine are holding hands)
Alexa: (Screaming, goes inside for the class)
Katie: Alex! What's wrong?
Rolando: I think they dumped them.
(Flashback: 11/30/2017):
Esteban: Bye Corrine
(Alexa got jealous)
Corrine: Bye.
(Corrine gets in the bus)
Corrine: Not Alexa.
Rolando: Shut up.
Esteban: Shut the fuck up Redona. I don't care.
Rolando: Alexa is nice. So please do not messed up with her.
(Rolando and Esteban got in a fight again)
Alex: Rolando! That's enough! (crying)
Rolando: Stay away with my girlfriend!
Alex: Rolan! Please! don't fight again! Let him go now!
Rolando: Why did you choose Alex?
Esteban: She's fake.
Rolando: No she is not.
Alexa: Redona! You are going to the main office because you picked a fight and start wrestling each other between me and Esteban. Huh! How dare you.
(Flashback: 12/04/2017):

(Flashback: 12/05/2017):
Esteban: Alexa, just give me one more chance.
Alexa: (slaps Esteban again)
(Flashback: 12/06/2017):

(Flashback: 12/07/2017):
(Esteban enters for the reason)
Rolando: What?
Alexa: Babe, don't listen to him. Please.
Rolando: Shh! Esteban, you have to leave us alone.
Esteban: I will speak to Alex.
Rolando: Do not listen to her.
Alexa: Babe please just let him be!
Rolando: Alex just stop. You know what, You need to send to the trash talk and what happened to Alexa.
Esteban: Rolando, I didn't meant to, it was Alex.
Alex: That's what you get! Huh? I dare you.
Oscar: Alex, can I hold this stuff for you?
Alexa: Sure!
(Oscar gets Alex's things, and he exits)
Alexa: Babe, can you please stop explaining to him?
Rolando: Alex hold on. Leave Alex Alone!
Esteban: Shut the f*** up! (Attack)
(Rolando starts to attack Esteban)
Alexa: (screaming) Rolando! No!!! No!
(all students are cheering about Rolando attacking Esteban, and Alexa crying)
Principal: Redona, and Esteban what's going on?
Alexa: They're fighting each other because of the boyfriend decision.
Principal: Esteban, in my office now!
(Esteban exits)
Principal: You okay Redona?
Rolando: Yeah I am fine.
Alexa: We have to leave!
Principal: You may go ahead to you too.
(Principal Exits)
Rolando: Babe, let's go now!
Alexa: Okay. (gets my backpack, and runs into the 411 classroom)
(Flashback: 12/13/2017):

(Flashback: 12/14/2017):

(Flashback: 01/10/2018):

(Flashback: 01/11/2018):
Esteban: Hi Alex!
(Alexa borrows Grape Juice from the store, and she just throw juice at Esteban)
Alexa: What are you doing and ruining over the Christmas party just did? (drops my grape juice on the trash)
Sal: I think she is dumping Esteban right now.
(Flashback: 01/15/2018):
(Flashback: 02/05/2018):
Esteban: Just gave me a chance Fretzie.
(Fretz gets up, and she just hitting Esteban again)
Fretz: You didn't called me yesterday, and this is what happened!
(Flashback: 02/21/2018):
Fretz: You lied to me, and I also break Ricardo too!
Esteban: I am not gonna love you.
Fretz: I told you Ms Morales to say so. (crying) Can't believe in this. You crashed my date!
(Flashback: 02/23/2018):
Esteban: Fretzie, I am so sorry about breaking up with you.
Fretz: You are too late right now. Lopez dumped me 1st.
(Flashback: 02/26/2018):
Esteban: Fretzie, you lied to me on Friday!
Fretzie: Now what did you get that Morales talk to me earlier, and she send me this!
Esteban: Fretzie, we're break up because you lied to me.
(Flashback: 03/02/2018):
Esteban: Fretz, (sprays the perfume on you)
Fretz: (To Esteban: Screaming) My hoodie! How dare you!
(Flashback: 04/16/2018):
(Esteban enters and Maris rushes to Esteban and slapped Esteban 10 times)
Maris: Crybaby How dare you!
Esteban: Maris what happened?
Maris: Don't talk to me anymore! Now you are a badass!
(Flashback: 04/17/2018):
Maris: Esteban? Why did you lied to me?
Esteban: Maris, I am so sorry.
Maris: Don't say sorry to me. You heartbroken at me! Remember! I dare you.
Esteban: I love you
Maris: Bye.
(Flashback: 04/25/2018):

(Flashback: 05/09/2018):

(Flashback: 05/14/2018):

(Flashback: 05/15/2018):
Maris: (starts the car key engine) (drives) (stops the car, and opens the car trunk) What the hell are you doing?
Esteban: I just gonna dragged me down Maris.
Maris: Now get off my car right or I will call the police?
(Flashback: 08/23/2018):
(Maris tries to slap Esteban)
Maris: You such a cheater! (catfight)
(Flashback: 09/12/2018):

(Flashback: 09/17/2018):

(Flashback: 09/25/2018):
Maris: Esteban, you have to see this! (opens on the Iphone for the Photo app, and presses Play button for the sex video from Jorge M)
Esteban: Maris, I love you.
Maris: (gets the shock stabber) Huh! I got you ass!
(Flashback: 09/28/2018):

(Flashback: 10/15/2018):
Maris: I'll handle the phone! (Calls Esteban) Hello!
(Esteban's House: Living Room)
Esteban: Hi Babe!
Maris: Shut up! I am not your babe.
(Esteban's House: Living Room)
Esteban: Ooh!
Maris: (end call, crying)
Murguia: You okay?
Maris: No. Esteban is not my babe anymore.
Murguia: I know amiga, I went to your courthouse, and the judge Elena send the letter about the cheating letter from school, and it was against the law. I just recorded your phone. Just go away for him. (Holds your bag in the car)
(Flashback: 10/19/2018):
At School: Classroom: Chemistry Class:
Chemistry Teacher: If anyone wants to go to Esteban's bday party, please sign.
Amina: Maris is not invited.
Chemistry Teacher: (to Amina) I know Amina, she cannot go because she broked up.
(Flashback: 10/20/2018):
Esteban: Hi Andre, Murguia and Babe--
Maris: (slaps Esteban) How dare you to this to me?! You break up with me for the last several years about my photo. Huh. You fucked up with the last 1 month, and there are bunch of friends with me in the car, including with my boyfriend. What the fuck! Huh? I cheated on you! (panting) You scolded with me! And why are you gonna hit me on the face. It's your birthday! Huh! You are 24! You are dead!! (crying) See I have the letter for you. It's from the September 2018 Message that I just printed out the last sheet. On 5th period.
(Flashback: 10/21/2018):
(Esteban enters)
Maris: Why are you here? (slaps you)
Rolando: Maris, just stop thinking about him.
Emiliano: Just leave her alone right now, okay.
Maris: Esteban stil bitching!
(Flashback: 10/23/2018):
Rolando: Maris, everything will be okay.
Maris: I know. (llorar)
Esteban: Thank you Kimberly for the invite.
Kimberly: You're welcome Esteban.
(Maris rushes to Esteban, and she just slapped 17 times on Esteban's face)
(Flashback: 10/26/2018):
Esteban: Thank you for coming Jeff.
Jeff: You're welcome, I think your party looks awesome not for them.
(Maris 😲)
Murguia: Maris, what happened?
Katie: Maris, you missed it!
Maris: Esteban just kicked me out of his bday party. (goes to vending machine, insert the $1 bill, and gets the Hot cheetos) Is this mine?
Murguia: Yeah It is.
Esteban: Maris, you are so stupid.
Rico: Esteban just stop it!
Torres: Maris didn't invite, because she is very mad.
Rico: Maris, just ignore him okay?
Maris: Ok.
(Flashback: 10/29/2018):

(Flashback: 10/31/2018):

(Flashback: 11/02/2018):

(Flashback: 11/16/2018):

(Flashback: 12/05/2018):

(Flashback: 12/19/2018):
Santos: You okay?
Maris: Umm yeah, it's just Esteban.
Santos: I know Maris, you just dumped him before.
Maris: Right.
(Flashback: 01/17/2019):
Murguia: Maris, I need to stop asking your babe.
Maris: (llorar) I know, Esteban just drowned myself again, and my mom picked me up for the law enforcement for the car accident, and this is what happened.
Murguia: Maris, stress yourself. Nothing will change to be able around you. (gets your rain coat)
(Flashback: 01/18/2019):
At Maris House: Bedroom:
Katie: What's wrong with you Maris?
Maris: You know what, I don't need a sibling!
Katie: We're sisters right now! (llorar)
(Flashback: 01/23/2019):

(Flashback: 02/06/2019):
(Andrea and Maris are gonna dragged Esteban in Maris' house)
Andrea: What do I tell you? (gets the knife)
Esteban: Andrea, Andrea, can you just leave?
Andrea: Just shut up! Huh? I told you, I just pranked you.
Esteban: Maris loved me.
Andrea: She doesn't love you! She has Rolando! My friend remember! (gets the cutter, and scrapes Esteban's neck)
(Maris just tied up the rope for Esteban)
(Flashback: 03/07/2019):

(Flashback: 03/08/2019):
Maris: This is Esteban's fault.
Murguia: Maris, Just stop.
(Flashback 03/09/2019):
At Nightlife: Everyone is still dancing:
Roman: Maris?
Maris: Oh my god! I am so sorry!
Roman: Wanna go for the dance with your babe?
Maris: Sure. (her phone rings)
Alexa M: Maris, do not answer your phone.
Maris: It's my mom. Not Esteban!
Alexa M: Okay sorry.
(Flashback: 03/10/2019):

(Flashback: 03/11/2019):
Maris: Just stop okay! I don't need about this!
Esteban: (to Maris) Wanna talk?
Maris: (slaps you) You are so rude!
(Flashback: 03/13/2019):
Esteban: Maris, bad girl!
Torres: She didn't mean to!
Maris: How dare you (slaps Esteban in the face)
(Flashback: 03/14/2019):
(Maris just slapped Esteban in the face)
Murguia: Maris! Why did you slapped Esteban?
Maris: He's damn crazy!
(Flashback: 04/10/2019):
Esteban: Hi Maris!
Maris: (gets the knife again) I talked to them about what happened? You will never talked to me like this! Because I am the speechless and being a queen like you. But now because you are the gay and assholes like unlike you.
Esteban: Maris, I need the secret first.
Maris: Just be quiet filthy!
(Flashback: 04/15/2019):
(Maris throws water at Esteban)
Rolando: Ooooo!
Maris: Don't you dare to call me on the phone again when I just see you.
Esteban: Maris, I wanna talk to you.
(Maris opens the drawer, and looks for the cutter)
Maris: Now tell me who is lying about yourself? (points to your cutter, and makes the cutter onto your neck) See. I dare you, because I went for the bonding with my boys and have fun, but not you. (abuses you) Now sit down Esteban and do not talk to me like that.

(Flashback: 05/02/2019):

(Flashback: 05/07/2019):

(Flashback 05/08/2019):

(Flashback 05/09/2019):

(Flashback: 05/13/2019):
Rolando: What happened?!
Maris: (llorar) I haven't cheated on you! Because Esteban ruined my birthday season for the several months!
Rolando: It's up to you! (hug) Just fuck him right now!
Maris: (hug) Okay.
(Flashback: 05/20/2019):
(Esteban enters, and Maris is running, and Maris tries to slapped Esteban on the face)
Aldo, Max, Sam: Maris! (guards you)
Alan M: Hey guys.
Aldo: Alan, Maris slaps Esteban on the face, because Rolando heartbroken.
Alan M: Maris, did you slapped Esteban?
Maris: (llorar) Yeah, he's lying! About the court station for the first time, and I putting on the dna test, and Enrique called me last night at 3am, and Esteban blaming on me, and that was the accident!
(Flashback: 05/22/2019):
At School: Main Hallway: Alex is gossiping to everyone:
Alan: Please stop gossiping to Maris! Be nice right now. Maris, let's go now.
Maris: (rolls eyes) I know.
(Flashback: 05/23/2019): (not on the script)
At School: Main Hallway: Maris reads the paper about nobody loves you sign:
Sammy: Maris, just throw it away right now.
Maris: (throws the nobody loves you sign in the trash)
(Flashback: 06/10/2019):
(Esteban enters, and Sabby and Maris are staring)
Esteban: Maris, what happened?
Maris: Leave me alone!
(Flashback: 06-21-2019):
Esteban: Bye Kim. (kisses you)
(Maris has the crying tears on)
Kim: Bye Esteban. (kisses back)
(Maris screams onto her lungs)
(Flashback: 07-05-2019):
Maris: (rips Esteban x Maris Papers allover) (crying)
(Flashback: 07-08-2019):
Maris: Mom. Esteban just sawed me.
Audrey: Stop talking about him.
Maris: (llorar, and hugs the picture of Fawn)
Esteban: I think she is dead.
Maris: Stop talking about my whole entire family! (llorar)
(Flashback: 07-13-2019):

(Flashback: 07-15-2019):
Maris: Esteban is my Partner!
Substitute teacher: (to Maris) You made yourself a point Maris for breaking into the relationship collided, period!
Esteban: Too Late!
Maris: (To Esteban) Whore!
(Flashback: 07-22-2019):
Kim: So glad we came back from the summer vacation!
Esteban: Yeah, but not Maris.
Maris: Did you just being a bad talker to me! (throws water)
Esteban: She is a loser!
Maris: Don't you dare!
(Flashback: 08-08-2019):
Esteban's Mom: How was Kimberly?
(Maris enters the house, and slapped Esteban on the face)
Maris: (to Esteban slapping each other) You such a criminal! (panting)
Esteban: Maris please stop it!
(Flashback: 08-19-2019):
Esteban: Our rose is gone right away Maris.
Maris: (ignores the comment)
(Flashback: 08-22-2019):
Maris: You need to stop thinking about me! (slaps Esteban)
Carlo: Maris, that's enough! We have to get some groceries with me!
Maris: I know. (gets in Carlo's Car) Drive!!!!
(Carlo's car drove away)
Esteban: Maristellar!
(Flashback: 08-30-2019):
Audrey: Maris, how was school?
Maris: (shakes no) (llorar)
Audrey: (puts my plates down, and sits on the couch next to you) What happened Maris? Do you got smacked on you?
Maris: Esteban broked my heart, because he didn't say goodbye to me. (llorar again) Because He is with Kimberly right now, and he didn't loved me at all. (drinks whiskey)
Audrey: Maris, stop drinking whiskey.
Maris: (coughing coughing) I can't! Because Esteban just slept with his girlfriend when I walked into his house all the time, and I went upstairs into his bedroom kissing. (drinks the whiskey again)
(Flashback Ends)
Maris: (llorar, gets the tissue blows nose, puts the tissue in the trash)
09-19-2019: What do I tell you?:

10-07-2019: Drag Race:

10-11-2019: Sucking Pigs:

10-22-2019: Maris is not invited:

10-26-2019: Maris didn't invite to Esteban's 24 Party:
At Maris House: Bedroom: Maris puts the costume on:
Bianca: Maris, I called Luis a while ago that you are going with them.
Maris: But I am going to Esteban's party.
Katie: (To Maris) No you cannot Maris, because you cheated Esteban before.
Celeste: Very true Katie.
Logan: Right, Umm wanna ask for the date?
Maris: No that's okay Logan, I got it.
(Luis and Marco are entering)
Marco: Is Maris done?
Celeste: She's just fixed her hair done with hair spray.
Luis: Okay umm wanna go for her?
Celeste: It's up to you.
10-29-2019: David slaps Maris for being mad about Maris' Mother:

10-31-2019: Halloween Costume Contest:

11-04-2019: Crashed Esteban's Party:

11-13-2019: Stabbing a Knife:

12-16-2019: I am so over you:

01-17-2020: I have to get out of my sight:

01-28-2020: Maris gets upset about scoring the Bean bag toss game:

01-31-2020: Maris gets angry about the another girl issues:

02-06-2020: Maris discovers Esteban's Criminal Case again:
At Maristellar House: Mom's Office: Maris opens the Office drawer:
Maris: Mom?! (opens the criminal case folder)
Audrey: Maristellar, who told you not to open my stuff. (slaps you)
Maris: It was me!
02-07-2020: Blackmail Again:
At Maristellar House: Maris' Bedroom: Maris opens the desk drawer and sawed some blackmail letters from Esteban:
Audrey: Maristellar. I got some clothes after drying them for you. They're right here. (sets Maristellar's clothes in your bedroom)
Maristellar: Okay mom thank you. (opens the desk drawer and sees Esteban's Blackmail letters) Shit!
Audrey: Maristellar, what happened?
Maristellar: Umm I think Esteban burned these on Tuesday.
Audrey: (looks at the blackmail letter from Esteban) See Maris, that's nothing.
02-14-2020: Unexpected Gift:
At Maristellar House: Living Room: Audrey and Maris are sitting in the couch:
Audrey: Maristellar, this is from Esteban, hope you like your gift.
Maristellar: Thanks mom. (opens the Gift, and saws the Blood Skull, screaming, crying)
Audrey: Maristellar! It's okay.
Maristellar: Unexpected Gift! I hate this!
Audrey: Don't worry Maristellar, hope you will get a new one!
(knocking the door)
Maristellar: (opens the door to Esteban and slaps Esteban in the face) You ruined my gift! I hate you! (throws bloody skull at you)
Audrey: Maristellar! It's the truth!
03-03-2020: Tell me the truth Esteban:

03-12-2020: You are a little liar:

04-06-2020: Confronting Maris:

04-07-2020: Maris seeks Esteban's neighborhood:

05-21-2020: Camila smacks Esteban for murdering again:

05-22-2020: Esteban's Funeral:

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