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2020-09-24 23:10:19 (UTC)

A Mellow day 😎

A nice mellow day today. Started it with a nice cup of joe as usual. I had time to sit and just relax. I know I'd probably do better if I did yoga or maybe meditate but I again don't have the mind power to do that. I just know I spend quiet time without having to think about anything. Just glad to wake up and you have a day to do what you want of it. Anyway, it works and I feel mellow soon after.

I'm at 159 lbs today. Sorta scared me because I'm not working out and still losing weight. Not bad if I'm losing fat but I suspect I'm losing muscle weight so this is not good. Perhaps my healing is taking up most of the protein I'm intaking maybe? It still hurts back there so I know I got a lot of healing to go still.

I saw T bone steaks on sale today on an ad at the Asian market. It's a lot cheaper than Costco or Safeway. I mean less than 50% off the normal price. So I hope it's cow meat. I'll buy some maybe tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe 10 T bones. That should get my protein cranking back up. I'll try to intake more beef, chicken and beans. Those I recall are one of the better proteins to eat or at least top 10 and I like eating them.

Oh yeah, so now that I can't go to my gym classes, guess what? Three of my friends joined my gym. The company and not the specific gym site but I'm so happy they joined. I've been pressing their buttons and voila, I got three of them to join. Of course, they join while I'm out of commission. SMH. lol.

Heidi came by for lunch. She asked what I wanted and asked her to bring me a dbl whopper and fries. Yeah, junk food but I need to get this weight up. I shouldn't weight this low (159 lbs) while sitting on my ass doing next to nothing all day. It's probably my 3rd burger I had this year so I don't think I need to worry about not eating right. My long term goal is still solid.

I say this as I'm having a screwdriver right now. haha. 🍹 No tylenol or Norco taken today. I give it a try and see how I feel tomorrow.
Good night diary :)

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