Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2020-01-21 20:18:32 (UTC)

Cozy Fuckery

Sexy gorgeous cozy bed
Always there when I need you
All the tales that you could tell
Fantasies, bled from hell
The marks you carry, holding firm
Riding with me, when I squirm
Bouncing, squeaking, hold on tight
Giddy up! Let’s go all night!
Dents from cuffs. Broken base
Cumming in my subby space
Face down, arse up
Keeping warm my buttercup
Sheets caressing, thighs wide spread
Mmm, I love my cozy bed!
Gushing, cumming, dream wet dreams
Team work baby! Our extremes!
One look at you, and I’m all yours
Your filthy kitten, horny whore
You pull me close! I hear you call
One look at you and in I crawl
My sexy gorgeous bed of lust
Wand and toys! Let’s conquer ALL!