Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2020-01-16 23:46:39 (UTC)

Brazen Sauce

Stealth, manipulation
The daily grind
Brain dumps
On a past unkind
Tricks of the trade
Eyes on fire
Tainted soul
Breathes desire
Shuffle the cards
For the game
She’ll play her ace
Won’t ease your strain
Your soul ablaze
She’ll feed her flame
With poker face
Who wins the game?
Her of course
The twisted fucker
Won’t sooth your pain
Banshee struck her
She’ll give a little
You’ll take a lot
Blinded by
A sultry plot
She’ll seek you out
Flay you alive
With her tongue
You won’t survive
For she don’t fear
Your wicked ruse
Or dark intent
Or bad excuse
Her puppy dog
Her little kitten
The claws go in
Then you’re bitten…..