Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2019-11-17 19:17:23 (UTC)


When our bodies do what they feel
Dancing a rhythm, we both know
Touching each other in the glimmering light
Stealing moments on time borrowed
There is nothing wrong with you loving me
Taking hold and harnessing what is given
Indulge as you may, those few drops of essence
Before wings fly this free bird
Soaring without constraint
In a Free World....blinded eyes cannot see
Where chains release a gasping breath
Where feathers fall where I once was
Where my spirit belongs to only me
Where true sight carries me into the light
Across landscapes never seen
And moments rarely felt
When the free bird sings the unknown song
To vagabonds lost between
The blinded souls of destruction
And where the Universe meets infinity
Be as you may, with both eyes or with soul intent
Either way, I dance amongst the free world
Sway without chains, sing without words
An ever-lasting cycle of Life
Birthing wings of eternal flight
Beneath the breeze of inner love

....Is mine
Choice mine
Love mine