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2019-05-03 21:29:04 (UTC)

Hot Molten Star

I am the Sun
A hot molten star
The centre of my solar system
All that orbit around me
If too close, you’ll burn
If too far, you’ll feel the cold
I am neither solid nor transparent
I am Plasma
Tenuous and Goliath
Deeper into the fusion of my core
And you’ll discover the powerhouse
The source
My light and my heat
Energizing all else
My layers are vast
My expanse of mind is wide
The craters of my scars are tales of a thousand stories
Twisted memories to deep, to ever be revealed
Inspiring memories that leak from my surface
Spilling onto others
I revolve through life swallowing new ventures
Glowing brightly
My surface blazing and saturating anything close
Encompassing them in my fire
I am luminous
I am complex
A labyrinth to see inside
Guarded spherical shells nest around my core
Only radiating my energy outwardly, with precision and thought
Maybe another thousand years will I radiate once again
When my magnetism forms more sunspots
And others see me flare
Feel my warmth
And stand upon the rocks I formed, from years of resilience
In another billion years.