Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2019-12-17 21:27:12 (UTC)


And I walk across the sandy shore
Tranquil in my solitude
For as I contemplate ahead
I wonder at the sea
For appearances are deceptive
An empty beach
An open sky
A ocean view for miles
But beneath it all
And above it all
Encircling me
Abundant life carries its own power
And there I am
Amongst it all
And I am not alone
For all around
I feel you near
You are the air
Surrounding me
Filling my lungs
With new life
Brushing my skin
With your zephyr
I breath you in
And I feel you
Wherever I go
You are the sand
Each barefoot step
Kissed by your textured grains
Your fine division
Of rock and minerals
Solid to lean on
And nourishing
Because I feel you
Wherever I go
You are the ocean
Varied in temperance
Broad in nature
A changing mirage
Of different shades
Colours you bestow
Upon me
And I feel them
Wherever I go
Eternal Love
Is liberty
Forever Lasting
Times a Thousand

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