Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2020-04-08 13:37:55 (UTC)


Ruby painted fingernails, her nipples breaching from her blouse,
Lush red lips, want to explore, begging, aching, yearning for more
Each strike she quivers, for his whip,
Tearing barriers clean from flesh, thrown to the floor, primal needs mesh
Fill me roughly, she begs within, hunger, thirst, skin to skin
Slipping, sliding, beads of sweat, our bodies, syncing, dripping wet
His body haunting, shadowing her. A feral desire, her murmurs slur
Ignited hunger, pushing inside. Stretch her walls, to satisfy
Lips fuse, their desire and plea in her eyes, erupts his fire with every thrust with bodies tensing in frenzied lust.