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2019-10-27 16:02:42 (UTC)

Original Sin

I started this, with a battery life of 69%
Spread my thighs and flicked my clit
Delved digits in my slit
Thought’s of you and your control
Banging all my holes
Down you went, spit and spread
Cock swelling, growing pole

Your kiss, your fist, psychotic eyes
Dry mouth, wet-cunt, I’m mesmerised
C’mere baby and demonise
Spunk dripping down my thighs

Surrenders buggery, arse in the air
You ripping at my underwear
Torn clean from flesh, holes so fresh
My heavenly beautiful nightmare

And it begins, come break me in
Take me, make me, skin to skin
My screams, my cries for clemency
Our original sin

I beg for more, thighs trembling
Your wanton whore, your plaything
Down on my knees, mouth a-gaping
Tongue is panting, cunt is blazing
Obediently waiting for you to command
Your every pleasure and darkest demand

Your thirsty cock whore, your finest love
Is waiting for you, to take hold of
Come take what’s yours, unleash our needs
For I am yours come play with me!