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2020-03-15 23:15:13 (UTC)

The Nature of Covid

The days are short and the nights are longer
Some savour a warm sun
While others are sombre

A walk in the park, a beer in the garden
BREAKING news streaming
The future's uncertain.

Who pray tell is the bluffer?
With these figures and facts
One tale breeds another.

No funeral service, only ten allowed
No embalming, no goodbyes
When teardrops shroud

A once beating life
Striped of honour
The daughter, the brother
The father, the mother

Nature balances cruel
More deceitful than politicians
She is nobody's fool
Without inhibitions

We humans find solutions
And try to remain cool
In the midst of an exodus
We are overruled

For try as we might
The power is not us
We cannot fight
With Gaia's cut

We're the backseat passengers
A blot amongst it all
No government, no suits
Will sustain when she calls