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2020-09-24 17:01:27 (UTC)

Can’t find

I can’t find the messages to reply to.
I did eat today, took 1/2 the dizziness away.
I’m breaking out in chills tho, and have a runny nose.
Was sick with stomach issues last week.
Not sure what’s going on.
I don’t go anywhere.
Have one person here one day a week.
I order everything online.
Even my groceries .


Took a 2 hour nap.
Dreamt he wife swapped.

I don’t how to get past it.
Knowing he would trade me......realize he is with me because no one else will be with him. Not anyone as nice looking as me.
I do admit, I clean up well for my age.

I have lost 30 pounds in 5 months. I do, starve tho. I only eat one 3 oz meal a day, rest is munch of fruit or nutritious drinks.

Found out someone back in 2008 when I was homeless went and opened a credit card in my name and now they are taking me to court for the money. So I will have to go to court and do a fraud report or identity theift report. It was a master card. I was wondering why I never could get a master card. Oddly, the MasterCard is not on my credit report anywhere.
I had called the number that called me yesterday. Unless it’s a bogus number. Sounded legit. They had info on me, my social, old addresses, etc. not sure what to do. All I can do is wait for the court papers I guess.
Unless someone knows what to do. I’ve never been through this before.

Back to bed. Storms here causing my diseases to flare up, and I’m still slightly dizzy and not feeling well.

Sorry for those I said I would reply to, I seem to have misplaced the messages.