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2020-09-24 18:39:14 (UTC)

Camila Heartbreaking and Drama Moments Part 1:

Brisa-Camila Moments:
Brisa x Brandon
Brisa x Esteban
Brisa x Eric (04/14/2016 only)
Brisa Cantu: Collided (2015-16):

08-11-2015: Brisa gets outburst for heartbreaking:
Esteban: Brisa, I don't love you, because I wanna be someone else.
Brisa: That's not true! (llorar)
Ricky: Brisa, let's go now. We're going out now!
Brisa: Lopez! Get my bags!
Ricky: Okay. (gets your bag) I'll meet you in my class!
Brisa: Okay. Esteban, you lied to me, and everything that you just give the another chance. That's not true! Because I outbursted everything that I want. (screaming)
Ale: Brisa, Bri! What's wrong?
Brisa: Ale, Esteban broked up with me.
Brandon: Ale, I think Brisa got outburst.
Ale: I know.
Brandon: Because she and Esteban are broked up because of the family issues with her mom.
Ale: Let's forgive her, okay.
(they leaved)
08-12-2015: Loving you not back:
At Brisa's House: Bedroom: Brisa is on the computer laying down in bed:
Brisa: (looks at the Bad ass Photos yesterday)
Erin: Oh my gosh, is that even Esteban?
Brisa: Yeah.
Erin: Oh come on, Adriana and Oscar are still my buddies.
Brisa: Absolutely! (scrolls one photo blurred)
08-17-2015: I don't even love you:
At School: Classroom: Everyone stared at Brisa, especially Erin and Lopez:
Ricky: Erin, is your sister okay?
Erin: Yeah, my sister just broked up.
Ensy: I think Esteban cheat on me.
Erin & Ricky: (to Ensy) Shut up!
Esteban: Look Brisa, I don't love you.
08-26-2015: You are still loving me?:

09-04-2015: Still Lying:

09-16-2015: She's not invited stop:

09-26-2015: Let's go now Brisa:
At Race Room: The race drivers are gonna speed up fast:
Brandon: Brisa, Brisa! Wait!
Erin: Umm I got my invite.
Eric: Umm sorry Erin, you have to leave
Andy: Erin? What are you doing here?
Erin: I don't know Andy. (puts my red ruby lipstick)
Andy: Are you sure?
Erin: No.
10-06-2015: Boys Table gone wrong:
Cantu Amigo: Brisa. This is the boys only, so please get out of this spot.
Brisa: Ugh! I like it here!
(Cantu Amigo pulls Brisa)
Cantu Amigo: Please leave them alone!
Esteban D: (throws Pumpkin sauce at them) You suck assholes!
10-08-2015: She's sitting the boys table:
Brandon: Do not go, stay here!
Brisa: Okay.
(Brisa tries to sit the boys table)
Brandon: Go go go!
(Brisa runs away)
Brandon: Do you made it?
Brisa: Yeah. (gets my hot cheetos and eats it)
10-13-2015: Cantu breaks up Brisa:
At School: Pavilion: Brisa is sitting alone:
Esteban: Brisa, wanna go?
Brisa: No thanks.
Kim: Esteban, I need to talk--
Esteban: (slaps you in the face)
Brandon: Kim, wanna go?
Kim: Sure.
(Brandon and Kim exits, Brisa felt heartbroken)
10-19-2015: Mistake Brisa:
(Brisa crying)
Brandon: Brisa. (hugs)
Brisa: (to Brandon) (hugs)
Brandon: Tell me what's wrong?
Brisa: I ruined my mistake!
Brandon: Just write one.
Brisa: Okay.
10-24-2015: Homecoming:
At Gym: Homecoming Dance:
Counselor: Thank you Brisa, enjoy the HOCO!
Bailey: Erin, thanks for the date!
Erin: Umm no problem.
Bailey Amigo: Erin, I'm with his friend
Erin: Oh cool!
10-26-2015: Unoffered:
At School: Cafeteria: Everyone is seated except Brisa sits alone:
Esteban D: You okay?
Brisa: I am good.
Esteban D: You should hang with Cantu.
Brisa: I know amigo. (eats orange)
(cut to):
Esteban: Hopefully Kim, we can share food right away without Brisa.
(cut to):
Brandon: Brisa, Brisa! Wanna see this video?
Brisa: What video?
Brandon: (opens the video app, and sees Brisa and Kim are fighting)
Brisa: No!!! (throws the tray in the floor)
Esteban and his friends: (laughter)
Amigo Cantu: Guys knock it off or I will tell her teacher right now.
(Brisa picks up the tray, and puts the tray in the Stand, and Brisa gets the grape juice and throws juice to Esteban)
Esteban: What do you want Brisa?
Brisa: May I offer your orange?
Esteban: No, because you are lying.
Esteban and his friends: Oooo!
Brisa: I am not lying!
(Erin enters)
Erin: She's not lying! Please stop!
Jorge D: Guys, let Brisa sit!
10-30-2015: Jealous Halloween Date:

11-17-2015: That's enough Brisa:

11-19-2015: Heartbreaking over you:
At School: Main Hallway: Brisa crying:
Jorge: Brisa, it's okay right now.
Briseda: We missed Cantu right now Bri.
Brisa: (crying) Thanks guys!
11-20-2015: Stomach Hurts:
At School: Main Hallway:
Esteban: Breathe Brisa.
Brisa: (inhale, exhale) I can't!
12-09-2015: Brandon needs more space:
Brandon: Sorry I don't love you.
(Brandon exits, and Gabby enters)
Gabby: Brisa, don't worry, Esteban loves you.
Brisa: Ok.
Esteban: Bri, Let's go now.
Brisa: Alright.
01-14-2016: Alone:
At School: Cafeteria: Brisa sits alone all time time:
Brisa: (crying)
02-04-2016: Stolen Cantu's girlfriend:
Brandon: Right here.
New Girlfriend of Brandon: Yeah.
Adriana Martha: Bri. Just get rid of him.
Brisa: (shakes no) Get off my boyfriend!
New Girlfriend of Brandon: I don't need this!
(New Girlfriend of Brandon exits)
02-10-2016: Stained Papers:
At School: Classroom: Math Class: Brisa reads the paper about stained coffee that Esteban just poured on:
Brisa: (screaming)
(Adrian enters)
Adrian: Bri!!! What's wrong?
Brisa: It's spilled everywhere.
Adrian: Get a new paper
Brisa: I know! (gets a sheet of paper)
Math Teacher: Brisa, Welcome to my class!
Brisa: Thank you Umm Sir?
Math Teacher: Yes Brisa?
Brisa: Esteban just poured the coffee allover!
Math Teacher: Esteban, go to the principal's office right now.
(Esteban exits)
02-11-2016: Vday Date:

02-12-2016: Wrong Date:

03-04-2016: I said Shut Up!:
At School: Main Hallway:
Adrian R: Which one is Esteban?
Brisa: Umm there's no Esteban in this photo.
Adrian R: Okay, I got you. (hands out to your newspaper) Read it.
Brisa: (reads the Newspaper) $4?
Adrian R: No, it's just the school newspaper.
Brisa: Hold my glasses and my newspaper.
Adrian R: (holds your glasses and newspaper)
03-11-2016: Sore throats:

03-14-2016: Brisa gets mad about saying goodbye:

04-12-2016: Brisa slaps Esteban:
(Brisa crying)
Jorge D: So who's fault was that?
Briseda: I don't know Jorge, Brisa cheated Esteban first.
Nico B: I think she dumped Esteban for the few weeks.
Lis: Nico. Esteban is coming.
Nico: Okay.
(Nico, Lis, Briseda and Jorge are hiding in the back of the bus)
Brisa: (slaps Esteban) You kissed with the another girl, because you are criminal!
Briseda: Brisa, just stop it! Because we have to go!
Brisa: Because you of the sudden death for the fucking reason, and you didn't like me at all!
Brandon: Bri Brisa! What's going on?
Briseda: She slapped Esteban because she got for the lost criminal that day.
Audrey: Me too Cantu, Esteban caught on Kim for getting married.
Tony N: Umm you guys are stop talking about Esteban before the bus driver comes.
Danelly: You are right Tony. (offers the dollar in your pocket)
04-14-2016: Don't say shut the fuck up to everyone in the bus:

04-15-2016: Alone in Lunch:
At School: Cafeteria: Brisa and Erin are in the Cafeteria eating lunch together:
Erin: Brisa? Brisa Marissa. Did Esteban cheat on you?
Brisa: Yeah I did.
(Erin hugs Brisa)
04-29-2016: No Prom Date:
At Brisa's House: Bedroom:
Angelica: Brisa? Is everything okay? Where's your prom date?
Brisa: Actually I cannot go. (puts my pillow in the head)
05-12-2016: You shut up to me?:
At School: Outside of the Hallway: Brisa walking alone:
Abby: Brisa, did you get mad at Esteban about choosing a girl?
Brisa: Yeah I know. (holds my books for you)
Abby: Okay. I got the heavy books for you.
Kari: I have Esteban sorry.
Abby: Don't you dare to say sorry about my best friend. I know she's a good girl, not even you.
Gian: You are right Abby. She's nice.
Brisa: Umm Gian, it's okay.
Gian: (puts your dollar)
Brisa: Well thanks.
05-24-2016: Brisa slaps Eric for breaking Esteban again:
Tony: Bro?
Brandon: What happened?
Tony: I think she slapped Eric.
(Brandon and Tony are following in the class, and they sawed Esteban and Brisa are arguing each other)
Brisa: What? You being fucked by me, with that other girl?
Esteban: Yeah she's mine.
Brisa: (shocked) (slaps Eric) (goes to the middle room)
Tony and Brandon: Bree!
Middle room: (Tony and Brandon are sitting down with Brisa):
Tony N: Bree, why did you slapped Eric?
Brisa: Because of Esteban just kissed Kari on purpose!
Brandon: Bree, do not tried to slapped Eric if you want, because he's not around, he doesn't do anything about him.
Brisa: Yeah I know. (gets the tissue paper and wipes the tears) (drinks water bottle)
05-26-2016: Another Girl:

06-01-2016: Are you lying?:

08-24-2016: Cantu speaks to Brisa for going outside:

09-09-2016: Despair:

Katerina Lopez - Camila Redona (2016-2020):
11-14-2016: Lies and Selfish:
At School: Classroom: Algebra Class: Katerina sits in the desk alone:
Lopez: Do you got selfish?
Katerina: (llorar) Yeah I did.
Lopez: (abrazo Lopez) (calls Fawn) Mom! I have to go home, because I won't go to school anymore!
{cut to}:
Fawn: Katerina, you are good at school! So please come and work something!
{cut to}:
Katerina: No I cannot!
Lopez: Fawn, I am so sorry about Katerina, because she just selfish for going to the bus on Thursday.
12-01-2016: Alone in School:

12-06-2016: Stay Away:

12-09-2016: Not getting over you:

12-15-2016: Breaking up again:

01-26-2017: Heartbreaking Lopez:

01-30-2017: Not Loving Me Back:

04-05-2017: Breaking up with you:

04-20-2017: Katerina fights Alex for choosing over Rolando:

04-25-2017: Max slaps Eric for breaking Lopez this morning:
At School: Main Hallway: Max starts following Katerina:
Max: Katerina! What's wrong?
Katerina: (llorar) Ricardo tried to be his date, and he said no.
Max: Don't worry Katerina, we're going to get some coffee together! Wanna go? My Girl just broked up, and she was lying on yesterday.
Katerina: Yeah.
Max: After school? (kisses you)
Katerina: Yeah sure! (kisses back)
05-01-2017: I throwed Up!:

05-12-2017: Blaming one that you before:

05-16-2017: Showing ripped pants in public:

08-21-2017: Did you slapped Eric in the face or just Esteban?:

09-12-2017: Ugly Name Calling:

10-16-2017: Daniela abrazo Jose for breaking up Esteban:

10-22-2017: Do not come to my birthday party Alex:

11-02-2017: Tearaways:
At School: Main Hallway: Alexa is sits down in the hallway, Alondra is talking with Stef:
Alondra: Alexandra? Are you alright? We just waited for you?
Alexa: Yeah I know. I just dumped Esteban.
Alondra: (hugs Alexa, as she cries) Don't worry, just stay away from him.
Alexa: Okay.
11-13-2017: Alexa slaps Esteban for being hit by the car:

11-29-2017: Holding Hands without Alexa:

11-30-2017: Without Alexa:

12-05-2017: Bullying in the bus:

12-12-2017: Explaining Alexa:

12-15-2017: Last Goodbye for Alexa:

01-31-2018: Telling Lies again:

02-21-2018: Fretz ends up Lopez for being slapped Esteban:

02-23-2018: Fretzie gets shattered about Lopez:

02-26-2018: Karla is with me not you:

03-02-2018: Selfie without Fretzie:

03-12-2018: Daredevil News Maris:

04-16-2018: Cry on the Shoulder:

04-17-2018: You cheated Esteban, that wasn't me:

05-10-2018: Court Judgement:

05-17-2018: What a Mess Slap:

05-23-2018: Rique guards Maristellar for what happened to rumoring:

06-21-2018: It's just a game Maris:

08-08-2018: Everyone just read:

08-23-2018: You just got the 1st place:

09-04-2018: He's with someone else:

09-06-2018: Jealous Girlfriend:

09-07-2018: I heard a rumor:
At School: Classroom: Chemistry Class:
Bryana: Alright someone just texted me for the rumoring this afternoon.
Rolando: Stop.
Celeste: Bryana, I will slap at you!
Maris: Celeste! Please don't!
(Celeste and Bryana are fighting each other)
(Esteban Enters)
Maris: (slaps Esteban) Bitch!
Esteban: Don't slapped me Maris.
Maris: Well that is not true Esteban, because you just rumored to yourself!
09-12-2018: Lied Esteban:

09-17-2018: Offering Paper:

09-28-2018: Maris suffering:

10-02-2018: You kicked me out last night:

10-05-2018: Get out of my house Maris:
At Esteban's Neighborhood: Maris texting Rolando:
Maris: (walks alone, texting Rolando: Are you in there? Don't worry, I am officially here for the new fall break will be fine) (sighs) (knocks on the door)
Esteban: (opens the door for Maris) Maristellar?
(they stared at each other)
Maris: Umm I just wanna talk to--
(Esteban gets slapped Maris in the face, as he closes the door)
(Torres Car just parked behind the tree)
Torres: Maris, are you okay?
Maris: (nods)
Kiara: Maristellar, is it bleeding?
Maris: No.
Kiara: Let me know, if my friends are gonna go for the steak night with you.
Maris: Umm Kiara, I am not interested, because I have my study planner to do.
Mariana P: Maristellar, it's just a slapped between you and Esteban. Just keep moving.
Maris: Okay.
10-12-2018: Faking News:

10-19-2018: Stop inviting everyone please:

10-20-2018: Jealous Date:

11-14-2018: Why are you lying?:

12-05-2018: Mad at Maris:

01-31-2019: You dating nobody:

03-04-2019: You bothered Everyone in my class:

03-14-2019: Maristellar slaps Esteban for telling the truth:

04-10-2019: Maristellar Is A Loser in Computer Competition:

04-16-2019: Winner Is:

04-17-2019: She's not losing, she won first:

04-18-2019: I am going to the prom on Saturday:

04-20-2019: Jealous Prom Date:

04-24-2019: I won first, not you:

04-25-2019: What a loser Maris:

05-01-2019: Getting rid of the 1st place:

05-02-2019: I'm done, and she's losing:

05-06-2019: Track and field Race:

05-07-2019: Losing Pieces:

05-08-2019: Wait, I cannot do this!:

05-09-2019: Cheating Cheater:

05-10-2019: Cannot going to These Places:

05-13-2019: Jeff shows a video about Esteban broke up Maris by stolen Rolando:
At School: Main Hallway: Maristellar and her friends are chatting each other:
Kelsi: Maristellar, umm is he cheating on you?
Maristellar: (opens the locker, gets books, closes) Of course.
Kelsi: Oh my god. (gets my phone out, and sees Esteban's video posted on yesterday) That was him?
Maristellar: Yeah.
Kelsi: Okay. (holds your hand, and walks and talks to Esteban) Esteban?
Esteban: Hmm?
Kelsi: Is it true? Maris cheated on you by stolen Rolando?
Esteban: Yes.
Kelsi: Sorry! (gets my spray hair from my locker, sprays on you) Bye!
05-14-2019: Esteban thanks to Jeff for the computer competition:

05-15-2019: Esteban chooses Kimberly:

05-16-2019: Flowers for Kim, not for Maris:

05-20-2019: Rolando lies to Maris:

05-21-2019: You choosing over to Maris:

05-22-2019: Sam hugs Maris for telling lies:

05-24-2019: Found Esteban's UnInvited Paper:

05-30-2019: Maris misses Rolando:

06-05-2019: Sam rushes Maris about being a daredevil:

06-17-2019: Did David got the 3 laps?:

06-18-2019: 3 Laps, 3 Lies:

06-25-2019: Who just win the race?:

06-28-2019: Cheating on running a lap:

07-13-2019: Maris throws Sangria to Esteban:
At Cynthia's House: Everyone is doing the Party:
Nicole W: Maris, your outfit is so cute! So how was Rolando?
Maristellar: Good!
Joanna: I am sure about the date!
Giovanni: Maris, want drink?
Maristellar: Sure! (gets my cup, fills the sangria drink)
Rolando: Maristellar! How was the party?
Maristellar: Good! (drinks sangria)
(knocking on the door)
Cynthia: Maris, don't open the door.
(Maris gets the door open, and she throws sangria drink to Esteban)
(Cynthia's Guests Laughing at Esteban)
Torres: Oh my gosh Maris! What happened?
Maristellar: I just throw sangria at Esteban, because he cheated on me.
Cynthia: Remember Maris that she was lying back to you.
Adriana: Please guys, knock it off!
Lesly: I thought Maris just dumped up!
Rolando: I know Lesly, just watch!
Lesly: Ok.
Maristellar: Are you telling the truth that you just being a stupid relationship?
Torres: Maris, that's enough.
(Cynthia closes the door)
Nicole: Maris, are you okay?
Maristellar: Yeah.
07-22-2019: Posting Photos:

07-24-2019: Cynthia Photo:

07-25-2019: You just cry like a baby?:

07-26-2019: Let everyone choose the Damn movie:

07-29-2019: Esteban is Gay:

07-31-2019: Everyone is lying because of you:

08-05-2019: Maris gets upset Alex about the Old memories:

08-06-2019: Like Mother, Like Son:

08-08-2019: Waterfight:
At Maristellar House: Living Room: Maristellar gets home from school, and she got upset:
Audrey: Maristellar! What happened? Is something bothering you?
Maristellar: Esteban is a liar! (llorar)
Audrey: Awww Maris, I am so sorry about your old boyfriend.
(Part 2):