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2020-09-24 13:26:36 (UTC)

Torres X Maris Part 2: Finale:

Rolando X Maris
Rolando x Torres
Rolando X Alexa
Rolando x Fretzie
Rolando X Camila
Torres = Amigo/Love Interest
Alexa/Fretz/Maris/Isela/Camila - Victim
Here are some of the Scenes from 01/14/2018-05/22/2020:

01-14-2018: Nightlife Again:

01-31-2018: Lopez still loves you:

02-06-2018: Dating my best friend:

02-12-2018: Valentine's Day Date Decisions:

03-12-2018: Maris breakdown:

04-05-2018: Made some Banana Pancakes:

06-05-2018: Maris Graduation Party:

07-17-2018: Ordering Senior Photos Pass Out:

07-23-2018: First Day Of High School:

09-28-2018: Instead of Jeff's birthday party, Nightlife:
(Nightlife Clip):
Rolando's Amigo: Bro, wanna hang out or just with Maris?
Rolando: Umm I am fine.
Maris: Torres?
Torres: Yeah Maris, what's up?
Maris: Jeff just kicked us at the party, what a slut!
Torres: So sorry to hear that Maris. He didn't receive your invitation, so let's stay us for the while.
Maris: Alright Jorge, I got you back!
Amigo for Rolando: Maris, are you still hating with Esteban?
Maris: Yeah. (opens up the photo app, and scrolls the picture of Jeffrey's birthday party that he sent me) He was with the Party at Jeffrey's so he just kicked us out, and I didn't get anything for his birthday weekend so far. What a slut!
Rolando: Maris, too bad for you, you are still coming with us at the nightlife.
Maris: Ok. (drinks vodka)
Rolando: Hopefully it was officially yours for the vodkas.
Maris: Waiter, umm I have the picture of Jeffrey's birthday party, because of this.
Waiter: Okay. Who did?
Maris: Jeff did. But I think he's okay right now.
Waiter: Here's your drink.
Maris: Thanks. (drinks more alcohol for the several)
Rolando Amigo: Maris, that's enough for the drink.
Maris: I know.
Rolando Amigo: You needed to go home for the several days.
Maris: Just shut up! (gets my phone, and calls my mom) Not answering!
Rolando: Babe, just relax.
Maris: My mom went for the Drive thru restaurant
10-20-2018: Jealous Birthday Party:
At Maristellar House: Bedroom: Maristellar holds the window blinds to see Esteban's house:
Maristellar: So stupid!
Torres: Maristellar, it's okay, because you can go with us?
Maristellar: I know. (closes the window blinds)
10-27-2018: Halloween Party:
At Torres House: Most people enjoying the party:
Roberto: Bro, enjoy with Maris.
Torres: I gave her number.
Roberto: Ooh! Go for her!
Maristellar: (drinks Rum) I think it was too spice.
Torres: Try another one Maris.
Maristellar: Okay. (gets the glass, and pours the glass Hennessey) I think it will be work. (drinks Hennessey) Amazing.
Torres: See, instead of Esteban's Halloween Party, you can party with us.
Jose: Good Torres. Maris is good.
11-14-2018: The Lockdown:

11-22-2018: Thanksgiving Outfits:

11-23-2018: Thanksgiving Party:

02-28-2019: Awkward Call:

03-04-2019: Maris hugs Torres about bothering David:
At School: Classroom: Maris sits in the desk alone, Torres prepares his stuff:
Torres: Maristellar? (sits next to you) What's wrong?
Maristellar: (sighs) David bothered everybody.
Torres: Rolando told you?
Maristellar: Yeah I did.
03-09-2019: Birthday NightLife:

03-10-2019: I just sawed Esteban last night:

03-12-2019: First Meet:

04-10-2019: Esteban dresses as a nurse:

04-20-2019: Prom Date Issues:

05-19-2019: Birthday Gift:

05-20-2019: Why did you heartbreak Maris?:

05-22-2019: Sam meets Torres:
At School: Main Hallway:
Sam: Maristellar! How was Life?
Maristellar: Good! (abrazo) What happened to Bri?
Sam: She done with me right now.
Maristellar: Oh, it's someone else right now.
(Bri enters)
Bri: (slaps Sam) You are so mean!
Sam: I didn't meant to!
Torres: Maris, have you date Sammy?
Maristellar: Yeah?
Torres: Sup bro!
Sam: Jorge, Umm Bri just break my heart.
Bri: Don't worry Maris, I'll find a new boyfriend. Take care of Sam.
Maristellar: Ok.
(Bri exits)
Maristellar: (sighs) Where's Andrea F?
Torres: My friend? Umm she's not available.
Maristellar: Ok.
06-07-2019: Graduation Party 2019:

07-13-2019: Cynthia's Night:

07-22-2019: First Day Of School:

08-12-2019: Summer Luwow Invitation:

08-13-2019: Selling Phones In Class:

08-16-2019: Summer Luwow:

08-24-2019: Getting ready from the Nightlife:

08-25-2019: Have you drunk Maris?:

09-13-2019: Torres felts okay about Maris' sad memories:

10-07-2019: I am going on the drag race to beat my ex:

10-25-2019: Homecoming Voting:

10-31-2019: Halloween Party Photos:

11-01-2019: Stop Drinking:

11-04-2019: Panda Bonding:

12-02-2019: Decorating The Christmas Party:

12-20-2019: Someone just break the phone:

12-31-2019: New Year Party:

01-21-2020: Kiara slaps Torres for being kissed with the other boy:

02-14-2020: Bree Alex first meet:

03-05-2020: Kiara vs Bree Alex:
At School: Gym: Everyone is doing some weightlifting and jogging skills:
Maristellar: Wait, you are so strong.
Torres: Yeah actually, it was my Muscle tank that you can't see. (takes off my jacket) Right there.
Maristellar: (touches your muscles) Not bad.
(Kiara and Bree Alex enters, as everyone separates and spreading rumors, and taking a video for each of their phones)
Maristellar: What's happening?
Torres: I don't know Maris. Just watch.
Maristellar: Ok.
Bree Alex: You stole my boyfriend in front of you Kiara!
Kiara: I was with someone else you damn it!
Bree Alex: Nobody loves you Kiara!
(Bree Alex slaps Kiara in the face)
Kiara: Maris?
Maristellar: Did you break Torres?
Kiara: Yes.
03-12-2020: Abby feels hurt about hitting the backpack:
At Hospital: Maris and Torres are in the waiting room in the hospital:
Torres: Hopefully Abby is okay.
Maris: Yeah, sometimes her family just came by, including Abby's Brother.
Torres: Oh you meant James?
Maris: Yes. (gets my phone out of my purse) (Calls my mom) Mom?
(cut to: Maris' House: Audrey is cleaning the tables in the living room)
Audrey: Maris, is Abby okay?
(cut to: At Hospital)
Maris: Yeah mom, David just hit Abby with the backpack. Okay Bye. Torres?
Torres: What?
Maris: I think she is fine.
Torres: She will take a nap for the while.
04-13-2020: Maris shares about what happened to Maris' best friend:

04-24-2020: Are you gonna paint your nails last night?:

05-14-2020: Camila Is that you?:

05-19-2020: Birthday Text Messages:

05-20-2020: Stuck on the Quicksand:

05-21-2020: Torres holds hand during the Cabin:

05-22-2020: Wedding for Audrey's:

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